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Breaking The Day – Survived By None

June 15, 2011 by  

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Breaking The Day – Survived By None

NAME: Breaking The Day
ALBUM: Survived By None
DATE: 20June2011

LABEL: In At The Deep End Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Uncompromising, ferocious, progressive lined hardcore.

LOCATION: Chatham, Kent, UK

LINE UP: Jay Leandro, Matt Smith, Aaron Erwin, Bobby Smith, Louie Spencer, Mikey Loriggio


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Like the worst threatening nightmare comes the debut full length album from UK band Breaking The Day, via In At The Deep End Records, a beast of a release that consumes and digs deep to shake all senses. The Chatham based band produce a hard, brutal blend of sludge metal, hardcore, borderline black metal and inspired progressive sounds, which all come together to achieve a bludgeoning wall of heavy intense noise. Since forming in 2007, Breaking The Day have worked on and perfected their sound through highly rated and attended, powerfully ferocious live shows and their only previous release, the self released EP in 2010. They honed their music so that though it has taken a fair while to get to the point of releasing an album it came out at the right time when they were at the height of their ability. The album is angry and nasty, but also contains a refined refreshing creativity that shines behind every shadow of dark menacing black noise.

Opening on an intro that instills a sense of foreboding Survived By None erupts with colossal power into ‘The Streets Will Rain Blood’. It is heavy, imposing and covered in blackened clouds of driving bleakness, but is also wonderfully stirring. The crushing guitar riffs are interspersed with skilful, engaging, lighter underlying flows, well light for this heavy weight band, the bass deeply growling alongside hard impacting drums, all surrounding great, scowling aggressive vocals. Into a smothering oppressive blanket of suffocation, the album turns next with ‘Leave A Blanket Of Ash On The Ground’. An almost instrumental piece, apart from the grizzled, brief repeating phrase “Burn Away” it leaves nothing but barren smoking senses.

It is no exaggeration to say each and every track is as aurally intense, but they also have a vibrancy that ensures that the destructive attack never becomes one blow too much; the smart and countering progressive melodic intricacies, though many times behind a heavy veil, expand and grace each song. ‘Pretty Girls Makes Graves’ epitomises this more than any other song, darkening from a light drum intro, it swerves through many transitions as the passion dripping desolation of the lyrics and tone leaves the listener the victim of emotional consumption. The duo of ‘A Murder Of Crows’ and the instrumental ‘Nightmare Dependencies’ also challenge as the most impressive moments on Survived By None, the first with a gentle guitar beginning that misdirects until the explosion of viscerally flailing terse abuse hits hard, and the latter a haunting sorrowful blaze of mellowness that is just as powerful without the aural violence.

The album ends just as intensely and impressively as it started and continued, with the awesome power of ‘No Love Lost, Just Forgot’ and ‘Till Death’, confirming an album that is satisfyingly consistent and impressively effective. The closest comparison to their sound is Neurosis blended with Tombs, but they bring a uniqueness that takes it down another path that they own alone. From the great artwork and the strong and striking lyrics to the last stinging note, Survived By None is an album to succumb to and the drained empty state it leaves you in by its end worthwhile. The band may have taken a long time to deliver this, but the punishing result proves that things happen when they should and that now is the time of Breaking The Day

SOUNDS LIKE: Neurosis, Tombs, Black Tusk

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: lying shattered under an oppressive intense wall of noise lined with progressive creative intricacies is your pleasure.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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