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British India – Vanilla

October 11, 2010 by  

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British India – Vanilla

NAME: British India
SINGLE: Vanilla
DATE: 23October2010

LABEL: Flahpoint Records / Shock Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Feeder-Esque Anthemic Nostalgia Trip

LOCATION: Australia

LINE UP: Declan Melia – Vocals, Nic Wilson – Guitars, Will Drummond – Bass, Matt O’Gorman – Drums

british india.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Aussie garage-rockers British India’s re-released effort of 2009, ‘Vanilla’ proves to be a roaring, singalong indie-rock success, standing out among the recent dross of late by miles and miles. Despite their relatively small fanbase over here, the band are huge in their native land, even appearing in everyone’s favourite soap Neighbours. Awesome.

SOUNDS LIKE: Anyone remember those heady days of around a decade ago when bands like the Seahorses, Oasis and Feeder were actually good? British India remember, and are determined to re-live those glorious moments of simplistic, loud indie that didn’t hide behind synth and pretention to make it stand out. ‘Vanilla’ is an impressive, massive effort – the kind of song to play on a scorching August afternoon while driving down empty highways with a car full of friends and a boot full of mexican beer. The truly anthemic chorus will leave you humming along after only a few listens and make you pine for the carefree summer days of a long, long time ago. Indeed, the song sounds like a half-remembered recollection of a whole bunch of fond musical memories stuck together to make something new, yet instantly familiar. And yes, as their name suggests, very British.

The only problem with ‘Vanilla’ then, is it could be accused of being too nostalgic, but who are we to complain when nostalgia sounds this good?

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