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Brooke Sharkey – “A Taste of Truth”

November 5, 2010 by  

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Brooke Sharkey – “A Taste of Truth”

NAME: Brooke Sharkey
EP: “A Taste of Truth”
DATE: 12July2010

LABEL: Lilbee Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: A Soft Maturity Rarely Found

LOCATION: London/Norwich/Niort

LINE UP: Brooke Sharkey


WHAT’S THE STORY?: It’s in French and I dont know what she’s saying but I’m definetly singing along. I fear however that Brooke Sharkey’s impressive bi-lingual tongue may be something of a hindrance in her attempts to crack the mainstream market, in our child-like naievity I dont think many Brits will want to listen to songs in French. Take nothing away from Miss Sharkey though, this is one exceptionally talented young girl. Very original and at times uplifting I imagine this girl playing in a packed, candle-lit live music venue, a captivated, dreamy audience, a couple in the back falling in love to her soft tones and heartfelt lyrics. This is a really quite beautiful record and I hope Brooke gets the recognition she deserves and at 22 we can surely expect even better things to come.

SOUNDS LIKE: Eva Cassidy, Tracy Chapman, Laura Marling, but special in her own way.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you have an eye for a raw talent.


Submitted By Paul Bell



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