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Brookes Brothers – Beautiful/Souvenir

April 1, 2011 by  

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Brookes Brothers – Beautiful/Souvenir

NAME: Brookes Brothers
SINGLE: Beautiful/Souvenir
DATE: 28March2011

LABEL: Breakbeat Kaos


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep


LINE UP: Dan Brookes, Phil Brookes


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The new double A-side from Brookes Brothers poses a contrastive yet accessible fling into their soulful take on drum & bass. First track ‘Beautiful’ opens with an enthralling half-time intro, which cascades singular twangs of thumb-struck bass through a mist of shimmering synth. The suspense is tarnished, however, at the first utter of the tracks title. The recurrent croons of the motif “beautiful” are a stark contradiction to the word. Whilst one was gradually entranced by the lure of the opening 16 bars, such solitude is more than quickly lost as the vocal interjection brings you back to a more squalid reality.

If cheesy lust is your thing, then this voiceover will be the perfect partner to the disco synths and tenacious beats that were characterized on Brookes’ hit single ‘Tear You Down’. Otherwise, the persistent chime of the overstated piano chords will be sure to grind at you from the background, before the vocal refrain simply turns things ugly. The most disappointing thing of all is that the intro has been cut from the radio edit.

Second track ‘Souvenir’ propels the listener into a mystic cyclone; which is both equal parts ethereal and mesmerizing. Tripping along with a high-tempo shuffle beat, synth pads create a cosmic ambience, inviting the notion of travelling at lightspeed through a hazy dream. The bass adds a warm and soothing texture beneath the skipping drum loops, only adding conviction to the prominence of Brookes Brothers on the drum & bass scene. They really did save the best ‘till last on this record.

SOUNDS LIKE: Camo & Krooked, Bachelors of Science, Sigma

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Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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