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Burn The Fleet – Black Holes

November 8, 2010 by  

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Burn The Fleet – Black Holes

NAME: Burn The Fleet
SINGLE: Black Holes
DATE: 4October2010

LABEL: Walnut Tree Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Would’ve been 5/5. I’m noncommittal.

LOCATION: Southampton, UK

LINE UP: Andrew Convey, James Swabey, Jack Spurway, Dan Northover

Burn The Fleet - Black Holes.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Burn The Fleet, a band with a name taken (I’m guessing here, but using a sly conviction to make it sound like I know this as a fact) from a Thrice song, are back with new single ‘Black Holes’ following their debut EP on Walnut Tree Records. Whilst still capitalising on the potency of their heavy progressive sound and a cluster of intricate riffs, the band create an alluring contrast by fusing more delicate tones, exposing a beautiful edge to their music that has matured greatly since the previous glimpses that were heard on EP track ‘Handfuls of Sand’.

The track opens with a soothingly subdued verse, which is laden with subtle arpeggiated chords, chiming dreamily over an accompanying bassline and provoking drumbeat. Frontman Convey’s vocals are agile, and feel open and heartfelt, discussing the commonality in today’s society and his objection to the fascination of trends. Convey commented, ‘We’re asking people to step back and take a look before it’s too late and everything falls into a black hole.’

The verse provides a great platform for the chorus, which pulses with the energetic machismo that is signature to the band. The guitars turn violently on their sweet counterpart, adopting a progressiveness and power trademarked by Sikth, gained through the embellished sounds of suspended chords. The middle eight continues the development of this raw energy, creating a riff with reminiscence of Killswitch Engage, with an intricate lead guitar part over heavy staccato stabs.

This is an accomplished track from Burn The Fleet, and signals the progression of their songwriting skills. ‘Excited’ doesn’t quite sum up the prospect of hearing further material from the Southampton based quartet.

SOUNDS LIKE: Secondsmile, Thrice, Funeral For A Friend, Mad At Gravity

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’ve been on the lookout for a great new rock band for a while/you’ve got a serious problem with fleets


Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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