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Crashed Out – Crash & Burn

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Crashed Out – Crash & Burn

NAME: Crashed Out
ALBUM: Crash & Burn
DATE: 28February2011

LABEL: I Hate People Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Street Rock, Punk ‘n ‘ Roll

LOCATION: Jarrow, North East

LINE UP: Chris Wright vocals, Lee Wright guitar, Geordie Brown bass, Johnny Halling drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Take a band from the North East of England with a love of punk since teenagers, soak them in rock influences such as Rancid, Stiff Little Fingers, and AC/DC over 15 plus years, and you end up with Crashed Out the leaders in street rock ‘n’ roll. The start of 2011 sees the release of their 5th studio album ‘Crash & Burn’, a robust release that easily transfers their infectious and powerful live energy to 13 tracks of cracking punk metal. Since their first release in 1996 the years have seen them gain a solid reputation and following on both sides of the Atlantic and slots on tours with the likes of The Adicts, The Misfits, and The Dead Kennedys. ‘Crash & Burn’ will only strengthen that respect and fan base and possibly be the key to the year they take centre stage.
The first track ‘Cut My Teeth On You’ opens the album with an intro consisting of a classic metal riff leading into a heads up punk attack interlaced with rock chords and brief solos. It is a blend that permeates throughout ‘Crash & Burn’ and is a sound they have evolved since their inception as a band. Too often artists try to cross styles and never make it work but Crashed Out not only makes it work but with a seamless meld that flows and appeals to punks and metal fans alike. Geordie Brown’s pumping bass alongside the pounding drumming of Johnny Halling create the aggressive basis of the sound to which guitarist Lee Wright lays his crashing punk noises and metal sounds, tracks like the Jack The Ripper ode ‘Just Call Me Jack’ and ‘No Fear’ with its anthem like chorus perfect examples of how it all flows together.
Vocalist Chris Wright brings the best out of the lyrics and the humour that runs through many tracks and the anger and attitude of others. The best track on the album ‘Battle Scarred’ is a stark reminder of how many veterans still have a fight after conflict, a true punk classic and an example of how through simple but straight forward words Crashed Out get an important message across. The one track you simply know that will be a fan favourite at gigs, the song they always demand to be played is ‘Cushy Butterfield’, the tale of a true northern lass, loved and respected by the lads and able to stand her own with any man.
Every track on ‘Crashed Out’ is a story either of people or moments from the beginning of punk in ‘Break It Down’ to ‘Save Amy’ about the one girl called Amy we all know of. The album is a collection of great punk ‘n’ roll songs delivered with a sparkle in the eye and grin on the lips and already I predict it to be in many people’s list of one of the best albums of the year.

SOUNDS LIKE: Rancid, AC/DC, Stiff Little Fingers, Motorhead

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like your punk and metal mixed, shaken, and stirred with attitude and aggression.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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