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Cults – Cults

May 15, 2011 by  

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Cults – Cults

NAME: Cults
ALBUM: Cults
DATE: 31May2011



FIVE WORD REVIEW: One gem amongst the spoil


LINE UP: Brian Oblivion, guitar/vocals; Madeline Follin, vocals.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Cults is a happy story about how a pair of bright young film students moved to the Big City and landed themselves a real big time recording contract and the love and adoration of critics everywhere. Or something. Anyway, the fruits of their labours are self titled and out at the end of May.

SOUNDS LIKE: Some albums have one incredible belting song and you can’t help but judge the rest by the scathing shadow it casts. Oops, this is one of those times.

‘Abducted’ is an incredible track, with a quick tempo, guitars and percussion set to ‘loud And proud’ and reverbed lyrics with that same off-kilter, entrancing quality and peculiar vitality Crystal Castles possess. The female lead really sounds like she’s got some desperate issues to shift and fast, her male back-up coming in with a perfectly pitched low drone that underscores her own sped up intensity. A beautiful breathless flight from start to finish.

Stepping reluctantly away from ‘Abducted’ for a minute, as whole the album’s like the Summer of Love writ again, with that particular period-specific form of echo used on the vocals and the washed out, though upbeat, feel everything has: like looking at the world through a Summers Haze. Or possibly some other sort of haze. And enough messing about with bells and whistles to persuade you the members have embarked on at least one Lennon-esque ‘voyage of discovery’ in India (even if was just overnight at Goa Airport on the way to Oz).

Except this is an album with ‘Abducted’ on it and it’s the first track.

This rather unfortunately leaves everything else feeling faded by comparison. The vocals don’t vary as much, the speeds toned down and nothing seems to push or pull sharply in any direction when you’re really looking for some heavy emotional commitment. It’s fine enough as background filler, but in that case you may as well just ditch the ipod and tune in to whatever mind numbing swill BT customer service is piping down its helpline these days.

It’s pretty much the MGMT scenario all over again

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You regularly get suckered in by that one absolutely banging track.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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