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Cute Lepers – Adventure Time

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Cute Lepers – Adventure Time

NAME: Cute Lepers
ALBUM: Adventure Time
DATE: 4April2011

LABEL: Damaged Goods


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Punk rock, new wave fusion


LINE UP: Steve E. Nix, Stevie Kicks, Duffy, Prisilla Ray, Josh Kramer, Brian Yeager


WHAT’S THE STORY?: It is really simple, Cute Lepers make me feel good inside and out and that is what music is all about. From the opening chords of their new and third album they deliver good quality punk/power pop/new wave/rock music and most of all unashamed fun. They have never made any secret of their influences and inspirations and why should they when they turn them into their own distinctive irresistible bundle of riches. ‘Adventure Time’ consists of twelve 80’s punk crazed flavours spiced up with imaginative extras and then delivered with the bands own 21st century originality. Already with a more than decent reputation from their part in Seattle band The Briefs main songwriter/guitarist Steve E. Nix and bassist Stevie Kicks have taken their music beyond previous glories with Cute Lepers and ‘Adventure Time’ is the proof.
The fun starts with opening track ‘Tribute To Charlie’ an ode to legendary punk rocker Charlie Harper. It is a delicious moment of joy resurrecting the sounds of the past then improving them with great sax and piano flavours, bringing the spirit of punk into the now. Though written about the UK Subs singer it is about in general the other inspirational people from that era too and punk itself. Within a second of its close we are straight into ‘Damaging Acts’ and the tempo is maintained maybe even increased. Taking on the fun sound of The Dickies especially vocally it just grabs hold and has you moving, not a pretty sight in my case but who can refuse this addictive music that the band creates. One band that it is unavoidable not to compare Cute Lepers to is Buzzcocks musically and as on ‘Noisy Song’ vocally. The use of creative melodies to slide side by side with the punk energy is very reminiscent of the Shelley/Diggle partnership and is one of the glories on the music created by Cute Lepers on the album.
If there can be highlights in an album of non-stop great sounds they are personally ‘All Of This Attention Is Killing Me’ with its straight punk riff onslaught and crazed guitars of Nix and Brian Yeager, any punk band would have been proud to have made it but most likely not made as good a job, and ‘Misdirected’ with the coolest hook line on the album, fusing the best bits of The Vibrators and early Generation X into a tasty track of rock delight. Cute Lepers bring so much more to their musical mix though with great piano additions at times and the 60’s girl harmonies backing up Nix as on the Vapors sounding ‘Head Over Heals’, ‘I Can’t Do Things’ which skips like the Rezillos, and ‘She Liked Helter Skelter’.
As previously mentioned and as you can see by my comparisons the songs on ‘Adventure Time’ recall their many influences proudly but rest assured every track is also Cute Lepers originality. Already well respected and appreciated as shown by the track ‘77’ written specially for the band by Duncan Reid of great 80’s band The Boys, this album will only push them further into Pop punk and musical folklore. This is a must listen to for 2011 no strike that it is a must buy.

SOUNDS LIKE: The legendary sounds of late 70’s punk blended with 80’s new wave and 21st century inventiveness.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you fancy a return to pogoing in your bedroom again with a smile on your face.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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