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Darker My Love – Alive As You Are

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Darker My Love – Alive As You Are

NAME: Darker My Love
ALBUM: Alive As You Are
DATE: 17August2010

LABEL: Dangerbird Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Blast from past fizzles damply

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

LINE UP: Tim Presley (Guitar/vocals) Rob Barbato (Bass/vocals) Jared Everett (Guitar) Will Canzoneri (Organ/Clavinet) Dan Allaire (Drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Curiously British sounding, Californian psychedelic group Darker My Love attempt to lead us into a new age on their forthcoming album Alive As You Are.

SOUNDS LIKE: It’s a warm summer’s day; you’re playing hacky sack in a field, while someone runs around with a garland of inexpertly knotted daisies in their hair. Tie dye as far as the eye can see. And everything seems to be getting a bit hazy ~ Also, beanbags.

The 60s may have been and gone, but their very much alive in Darker My Love. You can feel an air of lazy indulgence exuding from every laconic note of their sound; a sound so laid back it’s possibly enough to have the members declared legally dead. Bizarrely, the lead vocalist also seems to sport a Lennon-like scouse accent and, coupled together, this produces a lazy hayseed feel so convincing that you could be forgiven for thinking the whole thing was recorded on a cider farm just outside of Trowbridge. In fact, their best track, ‘Split Minute’, sounds uncannily like hitting a bong while standing outside a windmill and trying to discuss ‘A Brief History of Time’.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there’s a marked tendency for the tracks to blur into one another until the whole thing begins to resemble one long, monotonous dreamy buzz, with precious little to hook one in or excite the imagination. Whether this is intentional or not is open to question, but the ghost of one half-forgotten summer makes for an unfulfilling auditory experience.


YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Possibly you are a big fan of hemp.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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