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Darkest Hour – The Human Romance

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Darkest Hour – The Human Romance

NAME: Darkest Hour
ALBUM: The Human Romance
DATE: 7March2010

LABEL: Century Media Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: The soundtrack to a circle-pit.

LOCATION: Washington, US

LINE UP: John Henry (vocals), Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan (guitar), Mike Schleibaum (guitar), Ryan Parrish (drums), Paul Burnette (bass)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: In a musical landscape that is fascinated with labelling artists under narrowly defined genres, it is invigorating to hear that Darkest Hour have not lost sight of creating rumbustious metal which is totally devoid of modern trends.

The band have spent their career refining their own breed of corrosive riffs, unrelenting drums and menacing screams and, with The Human Romance, the outfit may have reached their creative peak.

‘Terra Noctornus’ is a gloomy introduction that opens the album in ominous fashion, before ‘World Engulfed In Flames’ presents listeners with a soaring piece of metal that comprises a truly colossal chorus. Many metal purists may cringe at the word “chorus” these days, though Darkest Hour can integrate them without dishonouring their roots.

This is again exemplified in ‘Savor The Kill’, which includes all of the required facets for the archetypal metal track. Solos, unrelenting drums and fearsome riffs converge to create an unforgettable song that follows in a similar vein to fellow scene stalwarts Lamb of God.

‘Violent By Nature’ sees the band elevate their heaviness to an immeasurable level, while ‘Purgatory’ is comparable to As I Lay Dying in a sword fight with The Ghost Inside.

‘Wound’ and ‘Your Everyday Disaster’ replicate a similar structure to the album’s preceding tracks, but it is impossible to cite repetition as a flaw for the record, as each song is written in such an accomplished manner.

Whether The Human Romance can elevate Darkest Hour to new heights remains to be seen, but it is difficult to see how their titanic sound can be restrained.

SOUNDS LIKE: As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, The Ghost Inside.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re more metal than James Hetfield with braces.

LINK: http://darkesthour.info/

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