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Dave Depper – The Ram Project

September 13, 2011 by  

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Dave Depper  – The Ram Project

NAME: Dave Depper
ALBUM: The Ram Project
DATE: 22August2011

LABEL: City Slang


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Funky guitar and drum-led noise.


LINE UP: Dave Depper

Dave Depper.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: ‘The Ram Project’ is Dave Depper’s personal venture to reconstruct Paul McCartney’s solo album ‘Ram’ in one month. There’s no official line explaining the reason for the tight deadline but Dave locked himself away with a few guitars, a Rickenbacker bass, a laptop and a borrowed drum kit, often working 12 hour shifts. He also has fellow Portlander Joan Hiller performing Lynda McCartney’s harmony vocals.
The album starts with ‘Too Many People’ expertly executed and sets the mood pretty quickly. Depper tries hard to create the McCartney sound and for the most part, succeeds but also inadvertently creates his own in the process. When we get to ‘Legs,’ it catapults us back down the old blues road before we come to ‘Dear Boy’ which sounds very Beatle-ish and on where Depper performs wonders with only one microphone. There are some punchy tracks too such as ‘Heart of the Country’ that carries a nice feel and as the album progresses, it’s obvious that Depper does a respectable job. The album will interest curious McCartney fans.

SOUNDS LIKE: Paul McCartney (obviously).

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like Paul McCartney (obviously again).


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