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De Staat – Machinery

March 1, 2011 by  

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De Staat – Machinery

NAME: De Staat
ALBUM: Machinery
DATE: 7March2011

LABEL: Cool Green Recordings


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Creative and unique indie rock.


LINE UP: Torre Florim – vocals, guitar Vedran Mircetic – guitar Jop van Summeren – bass, vocals Rocco Bell – percussion, keyboards, vocals Tim van Delft – drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Being a lover of quirkiness in music, Dutch band De Staat always grab my attention. With the follow up to their great debut album ‘Wait For Evolution’ they have stepped up the standard for others to be inspired by, creating with ‘Machinery’ a tapestry of unique and distinctive sounds, and creative musings realised into original songs and soundscapes. Years back vocalist/guitarist and songwriter Torre Florim started it all off as a solo project and as it evolved into a full band, through the debut album De Staat has amassed a bigger and dedicated following. ‘Machinery’ can only enhance and expand that and take them further into the world’s ears and hearts.

Straight off with the first track ‘Ah, I See’ they give a taste of what is to come. A track that pulses and flows relentless as they attach at times random sounds and noises to it, random they may seem but everything is perfectly worked out and adds something extra and relevant to the music. Starting off with a Devo like intro it trundles along at speed and I defy anyone not to smile and join in with the football horn musical chorus which bursts out at times. Next up is the single and best track on the album ‘Sweatshop’, already a legend in my heart it is a wonderful collection of sounds, beats, vocals and instruments placed painstakingly to create a masterpiece. With a hint of the psyched out sounds of Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers the song is genius, I really cannot think of another word for it. The added vocals of Kelly from electro-pop duo The Routines is a great addition and contrast to the vocals of Florim and bassist Jop van Summeren. A great track and the video is like the song a masterpiece. What is impressive about De Staat is that they may at times walk the fine line of adding layers upon layers of unique or unusual sounds but they always stay the right side of it never falling into pretentious cleverness.

De Staat can do ‘straight forward’ rock songs too, with the excellent ‘Psycho Disco’ with its cool bassline a fun stomp sounding a touch like 12 Stone Toddler, the grungy ‘Rooster Man’, and ‘I’ll Never Marry You’ with its tingling vocals disturbingly sounding like Chris Issacs (don’t panic, it works honest) great examples. The strange thing is though they have their own distinct sound and it truly is, you cannot help but be reminded of other artists at times like in the final track ‘Back To The Grind’ with its dirty Queens Of The Stone Age touch and in a few moments there is a Kyuss feel too.

‘Machinery’ is a great album with 10 slices of innovation, musical invention and musicianship, 5 individual artists in style and instruments meshing into a band delivering thoughtful, humorous and most of all fun sounds.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Legendary Shack Shakers, Kyuss, 12 Stone Toddler

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you enjoy having your ears and bodies teased and goaded into fun and excesses.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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