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Dead Cells – Here Be Dragons

February 24, 2011 by  

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Dead Cells – Here Be Dragons

NAME: Dead Cells
SINGLE: Here Be Dragons
DATE: 4April2011

LABEL: Independent


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Rock to lift the heart

LOCATION: Aylesbury, Luton & Oxford

LINE UP: Luke Mackinnon vocals, Kris Willingham guitar, Natalie Mason bass, Wojtek Broda drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Sometimes along comes a track that by the songs end you have no option but to put it back on again, either because that is all there is from the band or because it is that damn good you need to hear it again…..and again. ‘Here Be Dragons’ from Dead Cells is such a thing, a glorious slice of rock that bounces and pulsates. This is their 2nd release following on from ‘Friday Feeling’ last year and is one of those singles you just know will gather mounting attention from release day.
Dead Cells was formed in 2009 by guitarist Kris Willingham and drummer Wojtek Broda spending the first few months writing and creating songs before looking at increasing the band itself member wise. 2010 saw them add bassist Natalie Mason and vocalist Luke Mackinnon and from then things took off, finishing 3rd in the final of a Battle of the Bands competition after qualifying in the first round on their debut gig, the release of the first single, and the start of regular radio play. Stepping forward to now and the impending release of ‘Here Be Dragons’ this looks like the time they will leap into view and treat an increasing amount of ears as more catch on that Dead Cells are a band to take attention of.
The track opens with a strum of the guitar over simple stick beats then as voices rise it bursts into a full on rampant rock tune. Mason’s bass line is gorgeous being ably supported by Broda’s drums both driving the song onwards and upwards. Mackinnon’s voice has a Glenn Danzig sound to it on this track and adds something extra special from that with Willinghams’s guitar sound crashing and then being sensitively controlled in equal measure throughout. It has been said their sound has a touch of Audioslave though on this track one could not make that claim, actually hard to think of anyone they sound like here which is can only be a positive. I guess with the vocals it does have that slight Misfits/Danzig hint but that is all.
‘Here Be Dragons’ is released on April 4th and they will be promoting it with show and tours over the months ahead, check them out and visit their website @ http://www.deadcells.co.uk/

SOUNDS LIKE: Danzig, Mindset X

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like your rock ‘n’ roll honest, fun and more than just about noise.

LINK: http://www.deadcells.co.uk/

Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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