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DeLorean Drivers – DeLorean Drivers

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DeLorean Drivers – DeLorean Drivers

NAME: DeLorean Drivers
ALBUM: DeLorean Drivers
DATE: 2May2011

LABEL: Vandal


FIVE WORD REVIEW: A band that deserves respect.


LINE UP: Darren Driver (vocals/stylophone), Lady O (vocals/strings), Danger (guitar), Duncan Boak (guitar), Billy Richards (bass), Leigh Stothard (drums), Nathan Legge (electronics), Lauren Moreau (backing vocals/harp), Paula Cunningham (backing vocals).

DeLorean Drivers - DeLorean Drivers.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: What do you get when you mix electro, glam rock, synthpop and disco? A sound that’s fabulous, evidently. DeLorean Drivers really do go above and beyond with this release: their debut album and one that, all being well, will make waves across the country. Formed off the back of the gay scene in Leeds – a city that’s a melting pot of musical talent – this lot are just so damn… unique.

The nine-piece outfit have high aspirations by their own admission, particularly through this release. They say it “crystallises the band’s euphoric, hands-in-the-air live show” while also delivering “moments of dancefloor glitter alongside songs that twist the ordinary and mundane into something magical”. They’re not wrong, as they fire out the disco-happy ‘Depardieu’ to start proceedings on this self-titled debut.

While the rollercoaster dancefloor hit takes you on a ride through all levels of happiness through glorious female vocals and well-placed chorus-based strings, it adds a cheeky bit of filthy bass and one of the best guitar-violin harmonies you’ll have heard in a long time. “It’s a dance album,” you’ll think, as you stretch your limbs as you anticipate the next song.

Then you’re hit with the more dramatic, melancholic undertones of ‘Save Me’, another slight boogie number, and you start to reconsider your actions. After this, there’s a slide into the more sombre, emotional ‘Empties’ – but not before ‘The Girl with the Fire in Her Hands’, a synth-heavy two-parter that again makes you wonder exactly what the Drivers are driving at. You won’t really care; it’s all good.

It seems like an obvious point to make, but the arrangement of the album is both confusing and epic for a first release, mainly because DeLorean Drivers are nothing short of a surprise package. To describe the songs almost seems like it cheapens the experience because it removes the initial shock factor. Still, ‘Paper Trails’ and the Sonic the Hedgehog-style midi of ‘Dancing with My Sister’s Boyfriend’ must be heard.

The rest? Discover them for yourself. Call this approach to reviewing lazy if you wish, but you’ll be grateful when you finally get round to it; it’s all about finding your own feet with this one.

SOUNDS LIKE: Not much you’ve heard before. What you have heard before, you’ll probably like enough to hear it again.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You want something new. It’s worth your time, so get hold of it. Failing that, see them live – it’s their main focus, after all.


Submitted By Matt Gardner



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