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Depth – Situations Fulfilled

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Depth  – Situations Fulfilled

NAME: Depth
ALBUM: Situations Fulfilled
DATE: 16June2011

LABEL: Rising Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: UK Melodic Post Hardcore Rock


LINE UP: Paul Hardy- Vocals/Bass Guitar, Luke Holliday- Vocals/Guitar, Ryan Holliday- Guitar, Robert Collins- Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: From playing cover songs that inspired them to receiving more than favourable words and comments from the likes of Rock Sound, Kerrang, and Big Cheese, Norwich quartet Depth have progressed and evolved greatly since starting in 2006. With the release of their debut album ‘Situations Fulfilled’ the post hardcore band hope to stretch and build on the buzz they built up from sharing stages with the likes of My Passion, Exit Ten, Don Broco, and Everything Burns, and video plays for new single ‘True Escape’ on Lava TV.
Straight to the chase and musically ‘Situations Fulfilled’ rocks, the foursome create a tight and composed sound with at times some exceptional slices of rock. The two singles on the album, the aforementioned ‘True Escape’ and the first release from it ‘Burning Pages’ are two good polished examples. The guitars of Luke and Ryan Holliday on these and throughout the twelve tracks are a pleasure from straight metal refrains as in ‘Get Up & Go’ easily would feel at home within any MCR or Rise Against track, to great choppy sounds on the best track on offer ‘Hold On’. Great striding riffs countered with thoughtful melodies accompanied and driven by the bass of Paul Hardy and the imposing drums of Robert Collins make ‘Hold On’ a track to return to many times. Great though everything is in that department we come to the one problem with the album and sadly the one that almost sinks it, the lead vocals of Hardy. Even on this great track and the other stand out one ’41.9 Feet’ they simply drag the songs down. Now it is not that he is a bad singer but sadly seems on this offering to be one dimensional so that by the third track everything feels the same no matter what is going on musically. There is no change of gear with him just the one pace from the first note on ‘Situations Fulfilled’ to the last and especially on ‘No One Sings For Second Place’, a track with possibly one of the best titles ever but sadly an extreme away musically due to the vocals, they walk the line of disaster too closely. The supporting growls of Luke Holliday at times do save many moments and maybe a way ahead is to employ both attacks on a more equal footing or for Hardy to think about mixing up his delivery. Independently the tracks have a better feel than all bunched together in an album environment suggesting variety is the key for this element.
Depth is a good energetic band with intriguing sounds and ideas and certainly knows how to write and realise their creations. I could not say that ‘Situations Fulfilled’ is a bad album, everything works fine, in fact great, apart from the vocals and maybe with a more subdued production on them, blending them in more with the music they would have come over much better. As always though it is a matter of personal taste and what my ears struggle with many others will dance to so go listen for yourselves because as a band one can see a bright future laying ahead from what is on show within ‘Situations Fulfilled’, there just needs a slight rethink on certain parts.

SOUNDS LIKE: We Are The Ocean, Fightstar

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like your music inventive, accomplished and agressive but are not so fussed on the vocals.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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