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Devil Sold His Soul – Blessed & Cursed

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Devil Sold His Soul – Blessed & Cursed

NAME: Devil Sold His Soul
ALBUM: Blessed & Cursed
DATE: 12July2010

LABEL: Century Media


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Beauty, brutality, ambience, bliss, ferocity

LOCATION: London, England

LINE UP: Ed Gibbs (Vocals),Jonny Renshaw(Guitar),Richard Chapple(Guitar),Iain Trotter(Bass),Paul Kitney(Samples),Leks Wood(Drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Devil Sold His Soul have undeniably progressed from their promising debut album `A Fragile Hope’. Whilst their 2007 offering offered glimpses of true ingenuity, it left an underpinning notion of unfulfilled potential.

However, `Blessed & Cursed’ is a record that truly transcends all expectations.

`Tides’ opens the album, and the track exquisitely embodies the atmospheric post-metal of this unique band. All of the band’s attributes are delivered emphatically, as a blissful instrumental introduction evolves into a demonstration of chaotically melodic metal. In addition, the production is vastly superior to that of ` A Fragile Hope’. It is clear that Devil Sold His Soul have abandoned their raw approach to recording. Instead, their new recordings sound more refined,which is conducive to their extraordinary breed of progressive metal.

Furthermore,`Frozen’ illustrates the band’s adeptness at formulating song structures that are truly captivating.Beauty, tranquility,pandemonium and turmoil are all juxtaposed in the track’s 7 minute, 50 second long exhibition of diversity.

Devil Sold His Soul deserve more recognition than many of their musical counterparts. Therefore, it is a shame that their innovation may confound metal fans that are accustomed to conventional, cliche-ridden artists.

Nonetheless, `Blessed & Cursed’ is a masterpiece. Devil Sold His Soul have composed a record that could comfortably act as a soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic world.

SOUNDS LIKE: Explosions In The Sky in an arm-wrestle with Isis.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You enjoy Explosions In The Sky and 65daysofstatic, but have complained at their efforts, by saying:”I wish they’d listen to more metal.”


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