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Do Not Resuscitate – Do Not Resuscitate

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Do Not Resuscitate  – Do Not Resuscitate

NAME: Do Not Resuscitate
EP: Do Not Resuscitate
DATE: 30January2010



FIVE WORD REVIEW: Hardcore outfit show commendable potential.

LOCATION: Goole, East Yorkshire

LINE UP: Ben Haliday (vocals), Stephen Taylor (guitar), Martin Kirby (bass), Tom Midgely (drums)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Do Not Resuscitate’s first ever release is certainly a more accomplished effort than what many of hardcore’s frontrunners would have produced in the embryonic stages of their careers.

Opener ‘You Don’t Think (Your Brain Throws Up)’ is a competent offering of unrepentant hardcore that features all the necessary attributes for local pub venues to explode with flailing bodies. Track 2, ‘I Don’t Play The Victim’, follows a comparable structure but builds towards a breakdown that unfortunately isn’t executed with the aplomb required to elicit the same raucous reaction.

Finally, ‘Now I Know What A TV Dinner Feels Like’ exhibits the band’s merits in consummate fashion and is comfortably the best track on this release. The song is a whirlwind of merciless riffs, coupled with boisterous vocals that display parallels to masterful hardcore exponents like Comeback Kid and This Is Hell.

Do Not Resuscitate need to hone their craft significantly to reach the consistent standard of those bands, but this demo suggests that the visit to the drawing board may be shorter than expected.

SOUNDS LIKE: Comeback Kid at GCSE level, before they were awarded hardcore honours.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You are a fan of chaotic music that simply doesn’t relent.


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