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Dokkebi Q – Dokkebi Q

November 28, 2008 by  

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Dokkebi Q – Dokkebi Q

Artist: Dokkebi Q
EP: Dokkebi Q
Label: 3REQ
Year: 2008
Rating: 5/5

Rolling at a low tempo for the whole duration, this EP is the reason they started spelling fat with a ph. The vocals are smoking hot, the lyrics plain crazy, the bass morbidly obese. While there are all the typical triplet delays and reverb sodden snare shots that epitomize dub, Dokkebi Q inject some serious quirk. Instead of the stereotypical squeaky Geisha side of the far east, they bring to dub the sparkling-eyed anime side, evident in tracks like ‘Gobledegook’ and ‘Land Ahoy’. Sometimes they venture into more sinister territory with tracks like ‘Cuckoo Clock’, or get a bit raunchy with ‘Hardcore Cherry Bonbon’, but it’s always underscored with big reggae and mild madness.

The only fault I can find with this EP is a slight sense of repetition. All the tracks until the last one sound clear and lush. The final track is a live set, and most of the tracks have already entered your ears by the time you reach this point. The only difference is the vocals aren’t as well produced second time round. And occasionally, when you just want music, the experimental noise parts can go on a bit too long. But never enough to dent the enjoyment this solid EP provides.

There’s enough reggae in here to satisfy the biggest bass craving, but so much originality in here you probably won’t know how much you craved it until you buy the EP.  

– Adam Stone

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