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Dominic Miller – November

November 30, 2010 by  

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Dominic Miller – November

NAME: Dominic Miller
ALBUM: November
DATE: 1September2010

LABEL: QRious Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Sideman moves to centre stage


LINE UP: Dominc Mller – Composer, Guitarist, Keyboards, Mark King, Bass, Mike Lindup, Keyboards, Ian Thomas, Drums and various guest musicians


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Long term sideman to the stars, and Sting’s guitarist of many years, tours and album standing, Dominic Miller launches his sixth solo album with a cast of stars in supporting roles. Co-opting Mark ‘Thunderthumbs’ King from Level 42, and Mike Lindup from the same band ensures that the music on the album is in safe hands. This album, though falls through the cracks. It is not the acoustic album that Miller’s fans may have expected from his work with Sting, and although it will probably be found in the jazz secton of record shops, it is not really a good fit for there either, instead the eleven tracks range through moods, from the all out rock of ‘W3’ to the more mellow moments of album opener ‘Solent’ and the tone poem that is ‘Still’. Although Miller is a technically adept guitarist, and Mark King is one of the most accomplished bassists in this and any other era, egos seem to have been left at the more. Here every musicians cleaves to the maxim that less is more to stunning effect. It is an album that creates moods, and will give the listener new rewards everytime that they listen to it.

SOUNDS LIKE: Wired era Jeff Beck, 70’s fusion with a modern production, quality musicianship.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like melodic acoustic and electric guitars, instrumentals that move through different moods and genres, and atmosphere in with your playing.

LINK: http://www.dominicmiller.com

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