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Doomed From Day One – The Wasted World

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Doomed From Day One – The Wasted World

NAME: Doomed From Day One
EP: The Wasted World
DATE: 14November2011



FIVE WORD REVIEW: Technically astonishing death metal tracks.

LOCATION: South East England

LINE UP: Sean Scott-vocals; Charlie Griffiths- guitar; Charlie Frederick – guitar; Eifion Sweet – Bass; Jamie Elsey – Drums.

Doomed From Day One.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Technical metal can often be difficult to digest, as the genre encompasses a wide spectrum of instrumentation; once a listener acknowledges one titanic riff, they’re hit with frenzied drums or a melodic section. While this musical prowess must be respected, it can be difficult for tracks to be categorically accessible.

Luckily for our ears, Doomed From Day One have managed to craft a commendable balance between accessibility and astounding musicianship. Merging the musical abilities of Periphery with The Black Dahlia Murder’s merciless vehemence, the band’s approach leaves heavy music fans with enough to bang their heads to, while giving budding music professionals riffs that will undoubtedly challenge them.

‘Pretending’ establishes the band’s motif clearly, catching listeners unaware with an opening heavier than King Arthur’s Excalibur sword, before introducing drums that are faster than Usain Bolt on steroids.

This same structure is present in ‘Depths of Imagination’ and ‘From Here An Out’, though the band are so well-versed at their speciality that it’s hard to imagine many will groan about any repetition.
Concluding the E.P, ‘The Wasted World’ further accentuates the group’s strengths by replicating the formulas of previous tracks.

For an E.P, this release is mightily impressive and, with most songs clocking in around 4 minutes, offers a lot for metal fans who are searching for a bite-size version of Between The Buried And Me.

SOUNDS LIKE: Death metal coupled with blistering musical prowess.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re a fan of Periphery, Meshuggah or Between The Buried And Me.


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