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Dr. John and the Lover 911 – Tribal

July 27, 2010 by  

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Dr. John and the Lover 911 – Tribal

NAME: Dr. John and the Lover 911
ALBUM: Tribal
DATE: 28June2010

LABEL: Proper Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Down and Dirty Voodoo Sourcery

LOCATION: New Orleans

LINE UP: Dr. John (vocals, piano) and The Lower 911: Herman “Roscoe” Ernest III – drums, percussion, vocals; David Barard – bass, vocals; John Fohl – guitar, vocals; Kenneth “Afro” Williams – percussion.

WHAT’S THE STORY?: New Orleans stalwart Malcom John ‘Mac’ Rebennack has been making music for longer than most of you have graced this planet, and has helped shape the classic southern blues-rock sound into what it is today. Dr. John’s prolific output has created a legacy of psychedelic r’n’b, funk and voodoo vibes in various intoxicating combinations that audiences worldwide frequently let loose to.

His instantly recognisable feel-good music has recieved obscene amounts of critical acclaim, with a core sound that isn’t afraid of incorporating elements of blues, rock and anything else that fits Dr. John’s unique drawl and piano licks.

New LP ‘Tribal’ featuring the Lower 911 and numerous guest musicians is no exception to the high standard of previous albums. A truly timeless sound runs throughout as the good doctor re-animates his ‘Night Tripper’ persona with the jazz inflections of ‘When I’m Right’ and the dirty blues of ‘Change of Heart.’ The tital track changes the pace with haunting voodoo chants that wrap around the formidable rhythm section before breaking down into laconic funk that builds right back up again to a carnival-esque noise of jubilation.

‘Tribal’ is a truly great album from start to finish. If you’re already familiar with Dr. John’s recent work you’ll know what to expect and be pleased by what you find, but for newcomers to his sound this is an excellent place to start.

SOUNDS LIKE: Original southern swamp-funk party music.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’d enjoy travelling back in time to a late 60s dancehall in the Deep South, lightly tripping on the finest acid around.


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