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Dyonisis – Intoxicated

December 19, 2010 by  

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Dyonisis – Intoxicated

NAME: Dyonisis
ALBUM: Intoxicated
DATE: 13December2010

LABEL: Singed Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Spooky Folk-Goth Digital Ambience

LOCATION: Sheffield, UK

LINE UP: Nel – Vocals, Louisa – Vocals, Marcus – bass, Tom – beats, guitars


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Naming yourself after Nietzsche’s favourite Greek God of wine and orgies promises great things. Dyonisis have been plugging away on the UK tour circuit for quite some time now, and hope to win some over some fresh meat with the lush digital soundscapes and angelic vocals of ‘Intoxicated.’

SOUNDS LIKE: From start to finish, ‘Intoxicated’ flows as nicely as the curiously blue wine of the cover art. For the most part it is ambient yet spiky. The intertwining vocals of Nel and Lousia float gracefully around electronic beats and the unashamedly Enya-esque folky landscapes that bubble up here and there. The piece as a whole is haunting enough, yet arguably there is a certain ‘oomph’ factor lacking in the first three or four tracks, meaning it takes a while to truly grab and ‘intoxicate’ the listener. (Ho ho)

So, does ‘Intoxicated’ live up to it’s title? Perhaps, in places: ‘Eve’s Song’ is a brooding, smouldering masterpiece with some breathtaking vocals that ends in a soaring crescendo of industrial guitars. ‘Oxygen’ alters the tone altogether, a simple, heartbreaking ballad with a pretty impressive hair-metal-ish solo thrown in. In parts, however, the album loses its way and sounds slightly repetitive in a way that wouldn’t sound out of place in a dodgy goth club as its patrons sway listlessly back and forth. The lyrics are poetic in tone and well worth puzzling over, though some admittedly sound slightly trite on paper. Dyonisis really triumph though when more attention is paid to the bass, the engine which adds a sinister feel to the sweet female vocals and really drives the album forward.

All in all, a pleasant enough record with enough here to warrant repeated listens, but don’t expect to be drunk with praise and admiration. (Ho ho ho… very well, I’ll stop now)

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re a sucker for the eccentricities and gorgeous vocals of Switchblade Symphony, Queen Adreena or Enya at a push.


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