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Easy Star All-Stars – First Light

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Easy Star All-Stars – First Light

NAME: Easy Star All-Stars
ALBUM: First Light
DATE: 30May2011

LABEL: Easy Star Recordings


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Vibrant, melodic and punchy reggae.

LOCATION: New York, United States.

LINE UP: Rotating Roster of musicians. Founding members, Michael Goldwasser, Eric Smith, Lem Oppenheimer & Remy Gerstein.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: This electric band has been around for a while and are known for their reggae interpretations of classic albums. They famously covered ‘Karma Police’ from their 2006 ‘Radiodread’ album.

‘First Light’ is a 14 track expedition into deeper musical realms that really showcases the band’s own songwriting talents. As well as their usual solid reggae feel, they also incorporate R&B, pop and soul into their music on ‘In The Light’, ‘First Light (Ramblin Fever)’ and ‘Unbelievable.’

The album begins with the track ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ which is full of vibrancy, perfect for a sunny afternoon on the common. This is followed by ‘Break of Dawn’ that begins with a dangerously misleading piano intro before breaking into a tinkering lively beat. They say that ‘First Light (Ramblin Fever)’ was inspired by a 1957 bus that band once used. Apparently the bus carried a lack of heat, unexplained noises, along with the inability to operate in reverse. Strange perhaps, but we all need to get our inspiration from somewhere. So onto ‘Unbelievable’ featuring America’s Got Talent’s Cas Haley. It’s a nice and worthy song that allows Cas’ vocals to fully flourish. Further down the album, one of the tracks written by Michael Goldwasser ‘Easy Now Star,’ is a tribute to the late great Sugar Minott, who happened to be a long time member of the Easy Star family.

All in all, the album is littered with decent songs, percussions and strings, proving that this group has the tools and the talent to stay around for long while yet.

SOUNDS LIKE: Something you’d play on a sun filled Sunday afternoon.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like Aswad and UB40, easy going reggae with a message.


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