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Fall Against Fate – If Not For Ourselves

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Fall Against Fate – If Not For Ourselves

NAME: Fall Against Fate
EP: If Not For Ourselves
DATE: 3December2010

LABEL: Constellation Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Hardcore tech metal sound assault

LOCATION: Hertfordshire

LINE UP: Ross Armson Vocals, Tom Saunders Guitar, Lewis Ryder Bass, Paul Wood Guitar, David Wilson Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: As intro “Inauguration” opens the new EP “If Not For Ourselves” from Hertfordshire band Fall Against Fate, first thoughts being new to them was that there was going to be a trip ahead through some prog rock artistry, soon though that assumption was consigned to the thought bin as the outstanding” All The Worlds A Stage” erupted into devastating life. Fall Against Fate are all aggression and power but with a technical prowess many would kill for.
Since their first release “Signals”, the band has been through upheavals with member changes and other setbacks but is now ready to stake their claim as someone to watch, and attitudes to instil.
“If Not For Ourselves” is a blend of dominant riffs, crushing guitars and the release of pent up frustration and anger. Apparently Fall Against Fate are part of the tech metal movement? Guess I must have been out or blinked when that label was came up, they are though loud, powerful, brutal, and equipped with some wonderful technical musicianship skills.
tech/hardcore anyone? Fall Against Fate are a perfect ensemble the guitars of Tom Saunders and Paul Wood stirring and vibrant as they rampage through each track, contrasting and complimenting the bruising assault from Lewis Ryder and David Wilson, bass and drums respectively, a punishing rhythm section that drives the sound relentlessly.
Vocalist Ross Armson throws out a growling vocal, powerful and menacing throughout adding to the raw energy of the band, but I have to say on the final track and the standout one for me, “So Real” he shows he also has a voice to sing with all emotions and skill, a gentler but no less effective attack and I hope he will bring that into tracks more and more.
Fall Against Fate combine impressive melodies with their full on assault, “Galleon” and “I Hate Godzilla, He Destroys Cities” brimming examples, as is “Le Corps” with an intro to drool over, a rhythm that kicks back and kicks out. “If Not For Ourselves” is not flawless, but most criticisms are minor and more down to personal tastes really. Having being spoilt by the final track I wish they blended the vocal styles throughout more, as at times on some tracks the vocals become a haze of noise and the lyrics, which are well structured and thought out are lost.
“If Not For Ourselves” is a mighty introduction to newcomers and with the statement that Fall Against Fate has put the past obstacles behind them and are a force to watch out for.

SOUNDS LIKE: Architects,August Burns Red,Bring Me The Horizon

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like being kicked to the floor whilst being serenaded with melodic guitar solos.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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