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Fear No Fish – Now Or Never

June 16, 2011 by  

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Fear No Fish – Now Or Never

NAME: Fear No Fish
EP: Now Or Never
DATE: 4July2011

LABEL: Baltar Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Decent But Not Too Exciting


LINE UP: Chris Ransome – guitar / vocals, Mike Ransome – bass, Rob Walker – drums

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Fear No Fish – not just a name, but sound advice. Fish are, for the most part, friendly and delicious, not to be feared at all. A good start then for this E.P, the aptly titled ‘Now Or Never.’ It is that time for the London trio, having plugged away with little fanfare for nearly a decade. Despite a relatively solid output and a consistent fanbase, these chaps just couldn’t make that extra push into the big leagues.

SOUNDS LIKE: Fear No Fish make that straightforward, meat-and-potatoes British rock in the vein of Reuben or a stripped-down Biffy Clyro. Anything from this EP would sit comfortably alongside these guys on XFM and be gently appreciated by the public while never truly setting the world alight.

‘Now Or Never’ is a solid clutch of songs, catchy enough to warrant repeated listens, but in most tracks there is something lacking despite this, a certain oomph that almost shines through hopefully on occasion, then disappears. First track, ‘Stay’, however is rammed full of oomph. Triumphant and floating, the vocals and guitars slide effortlessly in waves around a melancholic chorus. A really memorable track, one that deserved the many accolades it received. Restrained enough to not throw you in immediately to the catchiness of ‘Mick-e Bubbles’ which chugs along with the bassline that echoes Green Day’s ‘Hitchin’ A Ride’ pretty much exactly. Vocally, ‘Now Or Never’ is flawless, high up in the mix but never overshadowing the muscular guitars that pervade this E.P.

‘Paint By Numbers’ is the weakest track on here by miles, a stodgy lump of a song that stops and starts but never truly gets going. Like a chunky home-made soup, it’s intentions are good, but the experience is one that leaves you grimacing in a mask of appreciation as you struggle to choke it down. The E.P never recovers full from this unfortunate moment, but the final two tracks are worthy enough to not skip.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: If you recall Reuben with misty eyes.


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