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Flash Fiktion – Capsules Of Sun

March 15, 2011 by  

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Flash Fiktion – Capsules Of Sun

NAME: Flash Fiktion
SINGLE: Capsules Of Sun
DATE: 4April2011

LABEL: Split Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Indie electro South London eccenticity


LINE UP: Matt -vocals guitarist and keyboards , Ollie- guitarist and vocals, Dan – drums

Flash Fiktion.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Upon releasing their debut single ‘Leni / Science Of Sleep’ London trio Flash Fiktion turned more than a few ears and heads in their direction. Now they return with the follow up ‘Capsules Of Sun’ and the aim to put more smiles on the faces and into the attitudes of a maudling UK reminding it of what is important. Singer Matt Roxx says “The song is about self-enforced optimism; using exterior chemicals to induce interior feelings of happiness and warmth. We’re in a reality bypass right now – into old fashioned escapism rather than new fangled aspiration; we’re celebrating music, fantasy, bright colours and vivid stories.” and the euphoric new single certainly delivers his claim.
‘Capsules Of Sun’ bubbles and bounces out of the speakers with afro Cuban beats, synth twirlings and a summer anthem like feel. It is three minutes of sunshine and stays with the listener long after the last notes die away. Their music sits in the middle ground between a Muse/Blur indie rock blend and an Innerpartysystem electronic world but they steer their ‘vehicle’ into a unique sound of their very own. The threesome, vocalist, guitarist and keyboard surfer Matt, Ollie guitarist and vocals, along with Croatian drummer Dan know how to make a good tune and turn it into an experience and event for the listener. The b-side track ‘Mo Ping Pong’ is a guitar led indie track and if I am honest even better than the a-side. Not as instant as ‘Capsules Of Sun’ so I see why that was chosen to lead the release but this is the other voice of the band and is a delight. They mesh different sounds and noises to each other seamlessly and though you would think they should not work they do within the fingers of Flash Fiktion.
The last two tracks on the cd are ‘Capsules Of Sun (Is Tropical remix)’ and ‘Leni (Old Arc Remix)’. You will excuse me as I just pass over them with a mention. There is nothing wrong with them as such just a personal lack of realisation of the point of remixes on my part, I rarely find them to add to let alone surpass the original version and seem to me either an excuse to pad things out, a lack of faith in their own original version, or a current lack of new ideas. I am not pointing at Flash Fiktion it is just a general comment from my feelings. Flash Fiktion over their two singles show they are a band that know what is needed to make good indie pop and are prepared to and succeed at experimenting and venturing down diversions and unique avenues of music to create new soundscapes.

SOUNDS LIKE: A fusion of Blur and Innerpartysystem

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you enjoy big fat tunes with afro-cuban rhythms and english eccentricities.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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