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Forever Wednesday – Depths

February 28, 2011 by  

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Forever Wednesday – Depths

NAME: Forever Wednesday
ALBUM: Depths
DATE: 11April2011

LABEL: Independent


FIVE WORD REVIEW: New metal,rock, screamo sound


LINE UP: Andy Allen (Drums) , Charlie Grout-Smith (Vocals),Jack Robinson (Guitar & Vocals), Josh Irvine (Guitar), James Worthington (Bass).


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The history of Farnham band Forever Wednesday from their creation in 2006 has been at times rocky with line-up changes and distractions but 2010 saw them grab stability with the current members and a new focus to their music. Debut album ‘Depths’ is the statement of intent for their new intensity showing not only their obvious potential but also an already fine ability to write great songs.
The album starts off with the instrumental intro ‘Rebirth’ an atmospheric piece of music that builds up until it seamlessly moves into ‘Define Irony’. Actually to anyone new to the band ‘Rebirth’ suggests a different sound to the release with it’s almost prog rock feel, whether that is intentional I am not sure though I would say if it is an indication of a future writing direction and blend ahead it will be very interesting. ‘Define Irony’ is great rock/screamo mix with dare I say at times an indie pop feel, there I did say it but all you need to know though is it works perfectly. Next they hit us between the eyes with the metal heaviness of ‘Mr Wolf’, aggressive and pounding the track shoves and bashes like an aural mosh pit and with a hint of Everytime I Die it more than leaves the pulses throbbing.
Forever Wednesday’s music has at times a glorious anthemic touch and it is impossible to not have some parts swimming around your mind and lips for ages after listening to them. They combine metal elements with melodic rock and at times screaming vocals neatly and though the tracks can veer towards different flavours there always is a smooth mix. From ‘Vanish and Vacate’ with its atmospheric flow over a great melodic guitar sound to the metalcore crushes of ‘Navigate’ they can and do vary their sound up nicely. The voices of Charlie Grout-Smith backed up neatly by guitarist Jack Robinson’s are a great mix and sit perfectly within the musical framework of each song, their energy, smooth vocals and growls more than a match for the hardcore rhythm surges of Andy Allen (Drums) and James Worthington (Bass). ‘Is Bad Ass One Or Two Words’ and ‘Viruses,’ the massively popular current video show the creative guitar playing and ideas of Robinson and Josh Irvine, though it would be only right to say every track really is a canvas their skills paint upon, and together the quintet fit as one.
I think it is fair to say there is still a way to go for the band, at times I felt they were still searching for their own sound and moments where I felt I had heard things before but one can say that about most releases these days and with the promise and quality on show here that can for now be overlooked. Even though for me ‘Let Go’ is a weak and uninspired track when given something as inspiring as ‘Days Of Youth’ arguably the best track on offer and ‘Mr Wolf’ you do not hold it too much against the band. So I suggest you go take a listen to Forever Wednesday and buy the album upon release on April 11th. Be there at the start of possibly something big.

SOUNDS LIKE: Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, You Me At Six.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like your sounds beating you around the head and then caressing and serenading you with neat intricate melodies.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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