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Friska Viljor – The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End

April 6, 2011 by  

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Friska Viljor  – The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End

NAME: Friska Viljor
ALBUM: The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End
DATE: 11April2011

LABEL: Crying Bob


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Scandinavian fanfare of summer sounds


LINE UP: Joakim Sveningsson – Vocals, Mandolin, Ukulele, Guitar, Bass. Daniel Johansson – Vocals, Keys, Drums, Accordion, Trumpet

Friska Viljor.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: The English translation for Friska Viljor means strong willed and you will definitely need one of granite not to be smiling, toe tapping or even dancing around the room or streets as you listen to their new album ‘The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End’. Swedish duo Daniel Johansson and Jaokim Sveningsson won critical acclamation when they released their last UK album ‘Bravo!’ and one can only foresee more upon the unveiling of this as they carry on with the same approach and emotional premise from before but lace it with uplifting warmth.
The album takes the listener by the hand with opening track ‘Larionov’ waltzing them around with its irrepressible feel good summer sound. Combining the 80’s pop sound of a Wham! with the musical and vocal variations of Magic Numbers, trust me it is miles better than that imagery sounds, the track leaps out at you and swings with fanfares from start to finish. Not for the first time over the album the trumpet sounds are a triumph and make the track leap even further into the soul and I defy you not to at least move your toes. ‘Come On’ follows in similar vein, bouncy, poppy and hard to ignore with its lightness and fun. The overall tone of the album is of love, fun and sadness with again lyrically the duo’s personal heartbreaks to the fore but with a breath of hope of a sun in every sky. ‘The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End’ ripples with distinct harmonies, exploration of melodies and an array of great sounds adorned to the meat of each track as in the simple but delightful ‘My Thing’ with a simple organ hook that has a neat childlike feel or the rocky ‘Passionseeker’ sounding like a smoothed out and mellowed down meeting of Gogol Bordello and Elbow. One has to grin at the cheeky borrowing from Neil Sedaka’s ‘Oh! Carol’ for the intro to ‘Malou’ but that just is an example of the playful and positive feel to the release. Rather than carry on track by track let me just mention the Latin sounding lament that is ‘Useless’ with a cool almost mariachi feel to the sound and ‘Did You Really Think You Could Change’ which gives images of a Scandinavian western with again a electro mariachi flavour.
I have to admit I was not expecting to like this as it is not the usual choice of sounds for my day but ‘The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End’ is a warm and fun surprise which leaps and jumps with enthusiasm and quirky musical sunshine for attention. Friska Viljor crafts a tapestry of emotions and sounds that will inspire many and entertain most becoming the soundtrack to many music lovers summer.

SOUNDS LIKE: Flaming Lips, Magic Numbers, Arcade Fire

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like walking around with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.


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