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fun. – Aim & Ignite

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fun. – Aim & Ignite

NAME: fun.
ALBUM: Aim & Ignite
YEAR: 2010 (June 7th)
LABEL: Hassle

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Why isn’t everything this good?


LINE UP: Nate Reuss (vocals) / Andrew Dost (multiple instruments) / Jack Antonoff (guitars)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: With Reuss’ hugely successful career with The Format left in tatters, he decided to reach out to two gifted musicians in Dost and Antonoff to explore musical avenues as yet unwalked by each of the trio. And by golly, it’s an atlas of work they’ve gifted us; ‘Aim & Ignite’ traverses incredible re-imaginings of 70’s rock, Broadway classics, post-punk hits and current stadium beauties like The Flaming Lips, all with indelible ‘fun’ licked all over it. Every track is a standout success. Every track. ‘Aim & Ignite’ is ultra-varied and constantly surprising, and manages to keep a knowing wink and smile that’s aimed directly at your centre of being – this will engage the most brittle of souls, and you’ll play it again and again and again.
The lyrics are poetic and enjoyable throughout, and Reuss’ vocals are awesomely powerful on every track. The band create a brilliant and relentlessly chipper set, that sounds utterly spontaneous from start to finish. The breadth of inventiveness is stupefying, every song is catchy, every song is great, every song is touched with genius.

SOUNDS LIKE: the Beach Boys for the 22nd Century… as well as spatters of Queen, Talking Heads, Joe Jackson, Alexander Spence, Blondie… all wrapped in the wonderful tortilla that is ‘Aim & Ignite’.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: feeling alive.

LINKS: Official Website // MySpace

– Owen Williams



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