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Funeral For A Friend – See You All In Hell

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Funeral For A Friend – See You All In Hell

NAME: Funeral For A Friend
EP: See You All In Hell
DATE: 7November2011

LABEL: Distiller Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: FFAF return for an encore.

LOCATION: Bridgend, Wales

LINE UP: Matthew Davies-Kreye (vocals), Richard Boucher (bass), Kris Coombs-Roberts (guitar), Ryan Richards (drums), Gavin Burrough (guitar).


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Reinforcing their reputation as one of the UK’s hardest working bands, Funeral For A Friend have released this E.P less than a year after ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ was introduced to the public.

While there is only one new track on the disc, there are several reworkings and live renditions from the aforementioned album, as well as a terrific cover of ‘Will To Die’ by the seminal hardcore act Strife.

However, it is the new song, ‘High Castles’, that commands the most attention, as it carries on the heavier motif that was patented on their last full-length. Intertwining infectious riffs with catchy melodies in captivating fashion, it only serves to evolve their musical direction further.

The acoustic version of ‘Old Hymms’ is another highlight, where Matt Davies-Kreye’s vocal talents are especially emphasised, turning the punchy post-hardcore track into an impressively pensive effort.

In fact, only the remix of ‘Medicated’ is below-par, with the song’s new experimental style sapping it of the original’s progressive tempo.

The E.P’s live tracks fail to disappoint, capturing the band’s masterful capabilities in a live setting.

All in all, ‘See You All In Hell’ is a wonderful add-on to ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’.

SOUNDS LIKE: Boysetsfire, Thrice, Architects

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You were left hungry for more after hearing the masterpiece that is ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’.


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