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Ghostlight – Photographs

September 28, 2010 by  

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Ghostlight – Photographs

NAME: Ghostlight
SINGLE: Photographs
DATE: 1January2010

LABEL: Spirit Ditch


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Inoffensive Yet Contrived Indie Melancholia

LOCATION: Cambridge, UK

LINE UP: Al White – vocals Jason Tarver- bass Thomas McCann – guitar Patrick Fowler – drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Ouch. Colour Ghostlight’s heart broken.

There are about a million bands out there who sound exactly like this, gracing many an angsty mixtape the world over, and its difficult for this kind of heartfelt indie to differentiate itself. Annoyingly though, ‘Photographs’ is stupidly catchy. You may find yourself unwittingly humming along to this in public, then hanging your head in shame at the realization of this.

SOUNDS LIKE: If you have been freshly dumped, your eyes will well up at the slow opening verse and twinkly xylophone. Salty tears will fall into your congealing microwave curry for one as fuzzy guitars and piano kick in that wouldn’t sound out of place on Death Cab’s last effort. Go on, have a little cry. Ghostlight won’t judge you, we’re all friends here. The lyrics stay just on the right side of saccharine despite the obvious clichés, and the song as a whole is infectious enough to bop your woeful head along to.

If you’re not particularly melancholic, however, this song may indeed make you lament Ghostlight’s lack of balls, and implore them to grow a pair. Really though, what were you expecting? An 8 minute solo? This song would be perfect on the soundtrack of One Tree Hill or a similar show of that ilk, as a plucky yet crushed young chap gives his ex girlfriend a mournful glance over the bar, possibly nursing a warm beer and attempting to keep a brave face as she gallivants about with her new man. You know the kind of scene I mean. This is definitely ‘TV music,’ then, and as a result there is something curiously sterile about it that niggles and displaces the feeling here.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re getting over a breakup by watching an endless array of teen drama box sets.


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