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Ghostlight – Somersaults

February 22, 2011 by  

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Ghostlight – Somersaults

NAME: Ghostlight
ALBUM: Somersaults
DATE: 7March2011

LABEL: Spirit Ditch Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Is tame indie rock nostalgic?

LOCATION: London/Cambridge, UK

LINE UP: Patrick Fowler, Thomas McCann, Jason Tarver, Al White


WHAT’S THE STORY?: ‘Recorded at Real World Studios’ reads the press release for Ghostlight’s debut album Somersaults, ‘and mixed by award-winning producer and mixer Cenzo Townshend (U2, Block Party..’ the next band should not have been mentioned. For while it is clearly evident that the cold weather has had a devastating effect on communities across the UK, there will only ever be room for one Snow Patrol.

Beginning with rather pedestrian piano chords that provide the potential ability to ignite antagonists into instantaneous revulsion, it is but seconds before more borderline provoking comes as vocals à la Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody lull out of the speakers on opening track ‘6 Years Later’. Bass, drums and synth routinely build up to a chorus beginning with “I can’t tell what’s happenin’, but I know it’s happenin,’” providing the blueprint for the creativity adopted throughout the majority of this debut.

With ‘Morning Lights’ delivering the same sedated formula, the album begins to feel contrived, scripted and recycled. In such a fruitful musical era, rich with inventive and new defining genres, it poses the question: is it even possible to penetrate through such a saturated market armed with material reminiscent of yesteryears?

Support from Radio 2 provides small argument that it is, with acknowledgement of Ghostlight’s output coming also from the late Mark Linkous, after the band deputised during UK tour dates for Sparklehorse. Recognition of this support is realised through ‘Fingerprint’. The third track provides necessary solace to the ears, which are engaged through the sound of a distorted bass and a backdrop for both drums and vocals to be unbound. An air of freedom and dexterity is unleashed as the band weaves their channelling layers towards a spectacular harmonised conclusion.

Flurries of harmonies provide the only engaging factors on the remaining two tracks as the band recede within the protective shell that they appeared to be free from. The bands MySpace page features a track called ‘Warm Snow’, Ghostlight need to stop patrolling cold fronts and aspire to developing their own Fingerprint.

SOUNDS LIKE: Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Keane

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Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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