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Gilli Moon – The Stillness

July 28, 2010 by  

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Gilli Moon – The Stillness

NAME: Gilli Moon
ALBUM: The Stillness
DATE: 12June2010

LABEL: Warrior Girl Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Pre adolescent bubblegum Disney pop

LOCATION: Hollywood, California

LINE UP: gilli moon (vocals, piano, songwriter) / Andy Catt (bass) / Shawn Cunnane (guitar) / Frank Musarra (drums) / Voyce McGinley (drums) / Amy Lou (percussion) / J.Walker (spoken word)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: I though the whole singer songwriter genre had been done to death as only carbon copied artists have been appearing since the folk revival in the sixties, yet it reached a whole new level (or a whole new world) when I put Gilli Moon’s sixth and latest album on. I laughed my way through; Disney pop with programmed drums in the background. I doubt anyone over the age of eleven would appreciate this.


YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Taking life far too seriously


Submitted By Josh Charig




One Response to “Gilli Moon – The Stillness”
  1. magnet says:

    Programmed drums? I don’t think Frank Musarra, the drummer, would agree with you.

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