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Glock – Cool In The 60s

December 9, 2010 by  

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Glock – Cool In The 60s

NAME: Glock
SINGLE: Cool In The 60s
DATE: 13December2010

LABEL: Carnival Town Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Outstanding anthem with dancing guaranteed

LOCATION: Peterborough, UK

LINE UP: Glock


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Better known as being 50% of The Candle Thieves, Glock has struck out on his own before The Candle Thieves record their second album at the start of next year. We don’t yet know if he’s going to be releasing a solo album, but if it’s similar to this ditty, then we can’t wait for it!

SOUNDS LIKE: Ben Folds at his very best – and that certainly is a compliment. Punchy piano parts are fused with singalong backing vocals (á la The Beach Boys), all modelled around a cute anecdote about a girl who was, err, cool in the 60s. This is perfect indie-pop, at its very likeable best.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you’re looking for some life-affirming, honest tunes to break away from all the Christmas guff on the radio.


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