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Goodbye Jersey – Entertain Me!

June 19, 2011 by  

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Goodbye Jersey – Entertain Me!

NAME: Goodbye Jersey
ALBUM: Entertain Me!
DATE: 20June2011

LABEL: Long Beach Records Europe


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Solid and entertaining German punk.

LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany

LINE UP: Kay (Drums) Billy (Bass) Rob (Vox, Guitar) Ulf (Vox, Trumpet) Pedi (Vox, Guitar)


Since their formation in 2009, Hamburg skate punks Goodbye Jersey have been on a solid and definite rise, evolving onto bigger and better things. With their self-termed ‘melodic bugle-punk’ the Germans have inspired increasing praise from their debut EP in 2009, which led to signing with Long Beach Records and to their gigs and shows with the likes of This Is A Standoff, Left Alone, Star Fucking Hipsters, and US ska-kings Big D and the Kids Table. June 20th sees the release of their first album Entertain Me!, fifteen tracks of varied types of punk, bursting with gritty attitude and attack.

The first thing to say is that before making a judgement on the album do listen to it a couple of times, as, for reasons hard to pin down, on first hearing the album feels a touch scrappy and only comes into its own half way through and with subsequent plays. This is not to say the tracks that grace the first part are weak, far from it, just that the band has a kind of discordant sound, especially vocally, that one needs to warm up to.

The politically charged punk of ‘Angels & Airwaves’ opens up Entertain Me! Urgent drums, crashing guitars, and forceful vocals, all slam out of the speakers and kick the release off to a strong start. The consistency is continued through ‘Minute Like Bombs’ and ‘Mike’, the first another slice of straight punk in the style of NOFX or Pennywise, not particularly unique but a satisfying piece of rock, the latter a slice of ska punk that strolls along with a lighter flow, again maybe not anything outstanding, but certainly enjoyable and the bass work is outstanding. Vocally it is one of the less controlled tracks though as on all songs it does use a good feature of the band’s music, which is the use of a trio of voices. Though one leads there is a good variation and shared responsibility throughout.

The album lifts to another level from here on in; tracks like ’14 Years’ sounding similar to Face to Face and the album’s best track, the [Spunge] melodic ska punk of ‘Bite Back’, and the delicious bass driven ‘Cassandra’ with some great trumpet bursts, all dance on the ear, with their melodic edged stirring sounds lined with a coating of good hard punk. Lyrically the songs offer hard opinions on various themes; well written and uncomplicated, they are delivered well and firmly.

Fifteen songs is a generous treat for an album, though there a couple of times it did drag a touch with a few tracks sounding similar alongside each other, but another trio of tracks back to back soon alleviates that. First of the threesome is ‘Zombie Shuffle’, sung in the bands native tongue it works exceedingly well, the quintet sounding like a German Less Than Jake and more enjoyable. Following on comes the scathing ‘Living Dead’, full of vibrancy it has a good blend of stirring, light, melodic bounce laced with a darker sense of menace lurking behind. ‘Radio Sux’ completes the triplet, a track irrepressibly contagious as it swings its ska punk groove around, defying the listener not to join in.

Entertain Me! is a more than satisfying collection of punk in its many flavours. It does not venture anywhere particularly new and nor does Goodbye Jersey suggest they will move too far away from their core sound in the future, but they have produced an album that despite its slightly harsh and wrong footing first impression, grows into a thoroughly satisfying and worthwhile release. It may not be one’s first port of call when choosing their musical entertainment, but it certainly is a good port of call afterwards.

SOUNDS LIKE: NOFX, Face To Face, [Spunge]

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: punk in all its guises brought together in one band intrigues.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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