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Goodluck Jonathan – This Is Our Way Out

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Goodluck Jonathan  – This Is Our Way Out

NAME: Goodluck Jonathan
ALBUM: This Is Our Way Out
DATE: 11July2011

LABEL: Something Nothing Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Thoughtful, creative indie rock pop

LOCATION: Brighton, UK

LINE UP: Nick Brookes, Max Rothery, Jim Valentine, Hank Ford and Sam Jenkins.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: “This Is Our Way Out is a story told over a series of 3 EPs, it is our attempt to capture and savour every moment, emotion and complexity or our youth.” That is a liner note from the sleeve of Brighton band Goodluck Jonathan’s new album This Is Our Way Out, and it perfectly sums up the emotional feel and content that flows from the quintet’s mesmeric release.

The album is the bringing together of three EPs the band released from the latter end of 2010, now placed alongside each other to make a passion-fuelled collection of songs and, as their words suggests, an open eyed, watchful journey of youth.

The first four tracks come from the debut EP and are full of emotive feeling and lyrics, though truthfully that is a trait that all the tracks on the album carry. ‘Bruises Disappear’ starts the experience, its incessant tone and eager guitars hypnotically framing the great vocals of Nick Brookes and lyrics that are presented as part news report and partly as a fear soaked personal account. Its effective musical commentary on political and military behaviour overseas is provoking. The personal ‘Stranded’ follows next; a good, strong, pleasing track that instantly is eclipsed by its successor ‘Broken Heart’. This track is a jewel of emotive vocals, creative guitars and driving riffs, coming over like a mix of Young Knives and Mars Volta in its indie rock/pop sound. There is a tinge of disappointment when it ends simply because it has finished and the temptation to replay rather than continue is a strong one. ‘Lights Burn My Eyes’ closes out the quartet of tracks, a vocally soaring piece of music that twists and turns, neatly coated with a dark edge.

It has to said that throughout the album there is a strong likeness to Young Knives, but integrated into the bands own unique take and approach to their music it is only a positive. The first of the tracks that come from EP2 ‘Fatman’ have that same feel again. Its repeating, incessant guitar chords echo in the head hypnotically, giving the track a heavier rock feel which works wonderfully. ‘Fall of America’, ‘Backs To The Wall’, and ‘Away From Here’, are all heartfelt emotional songs on varied themes. Well written and delivered, they stir up feelings as they play, especially the touching first of the three tracks with its sensitive 9/11 thoughts and words.

The final three tracks on This Is Our Way Out come from the third EP and starts with ‘Mad Licks’, a track proving to be a favourite amongst many; a straight forward song that is strong, with enjoyable mini build ups and crescendos. It is the middle one of the three songs that takes the honours here and for the whole album. ‘Stop’ is a forceful collision of energy, melodies, and sound. Like a car crash between Young Knives, yes them again, and Max Raptor, and stands out as the best track even if the less involved. ‘This is Our Way Out’ closes out the release and in many ways is the most adventurous song of the eleven proudly on show. It is like a stark soundtrack to a no-holds-barred bleak emotional personal movie, haunting and emotive.

This Is Our Way Out is a glorious collection of songs that play from the heart to the heart, musical insights into a band that feel and live their craft in close detail. The album is extremely satisfying and leaves the listener with thoughts and feelings that go beyond simply having a good time.

SOUNDS LIKE: Young Knives, Max Raptor, Mars Volta

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: being provoked and touched emotionally as you twitch your limbs gives you tingles.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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