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Graciela – Now It Is Me

July 15, 2011 by  

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Graciela – Now It Is Me

NAME: Graciela
ALBUM: Now It Is Me
DATE: 11February2011

LABEL: Graciela R.P


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Subtle flamenco meets everything else


LINE UP: Graciela – Vocals, Band of Professional Musicians.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Now It Is Me is the debut album from Graciela. Born in Spain, Graciela became influenced by the likes of Bjork, Madonna and Sting, and uses this wide variety of influence in her music. Having been in a girl band Milan and winning the 2009 UK unsigned competition for her category, she releases her debut album of songs she pens herself, saying “The music I do allows me to express things with freedom”.

SOUNDS LIKE: If one thing stands out about this album it’s that you know it’s a debut album. How? Well, it comes across almost as an experiment to find which music suits Graciela the best. There’s a bit of everything on here; flamenco, pop, electro, rock, dance… it’s just too much.

She hits the mark on ‘Way of Life’, ‘We Think (In Love)’, ‘Just Another Night’, ‘It Will Rain and Roses of Ice (Now It Is You)’. Other than that, there aren’t any real standout tracks. The first of these two tracks are very synth based and that seems to be where Graciela is in her element. The continuity of the flamenco mixed in with dance music works a charm. She wants you to dance, and ‘Way of Life and We Think (In Love)’ let you do that, as does ‘It Will Rain’.

The rest of the songs just don’t work on this album. On a separate album, they could potentially work, but in terms of genre, a lot of these songs shouldn’t be on the same album. Yes, albums don’t always have to stick to one genre, and why should they? But when so many elements of music are introduced it becomes a bit of a mess and it’s difficult to know where you stand. You don’t know what’s coming next. Is it flamenco? Will there be an electric guitar solo popping up somewhere?

But we mustn’t forget, this is a debut album. There are some gems on here. Graciela needs to take the winning formula of these songs and run with it. If she does so, her second album could be something very special.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: This is a unique album, in the sense that there’a bit of everything in there. But I recommend you listen if you like the idea of a flamenco/dance combination. It really works well. Get it listened to, and hopefully there’ll be a lot more of it to come.


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