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Hayabusa – Evil Is Not That Laid Back

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Hayabusa – Evil Is Not That Laid Back

NAME: Hayabusa
SINGLE: Evil Is Not That Laid Back
DATE: 24January2010

LABEL: Midge Bitten Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: More a medley than single

LOCATION: Manchester, UK

LINE UP: Bob Hallard (vocals/guitar), Phil Hargreaves (bass), Rich Adams (drums)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: I sit down, calmly putting on my pink suede headphones (I’m sure the latest fashions will also trickle down to an area near you soon) and press play, expecting an enticing, rich and fruitful introduction. I don’t know why this was expected, it’s possible a musing of the band name was subliminally etched into my head, leading me to think that there will be a short ‘Hay(y)a’ before the ‘busa’ kicks in? Nevertheless, I should have pondered instead on the track’s title, as that would have provided me with better indication to the fact that Hayabusa have no apprehension to getting things going fast.

Bursting into your eardrums with a pulsing onslaught of irregularly lashed guitar, intricate drums and a warped bass, the Mancunian trio demand your attention from the get-go. Vocalist/guitarist Bob Hallard’s apparent ‘infatuation’ with irregular time signatures and rhythms provide an instant intrigue to the opening of the track, with syncopated stabs making your upper body move uneasily in typical middle-life-crisis-dad-at-a-wedding fashion.

These bold sonic layers are soon stripped away, leaving a humble spacey intersection. Created through a comparatively minimalist offering of temperate drums, an intermittent bassline and shimmering synths over which Hallard adopts an exceptional regional twang, this is just the first of many directions in which the track shifts.

Showcasing an already comparative dynamic, yet more musical direction heads your way during the latter stages of the song. Introducing a heavy riff and vocal screams reminiscent of Serj Tankian, Hayabusa have went too far, trying to turn a track which would give many alt-rockers wood, into metal. The overall feel is a disjointed one, suggesting more of a medley than a single.

SOUNDS LIKE: Tool, Biffy Clyro, Oceansize, Hundred Reasons

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like progressive music in the style of the above mentioned bands.


Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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