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Hello Lazarus – All Alliteration

March 15, 2011 by  

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Hello Lazarus – All Alliteration

NAME: Hello Lazarus
EP: All Alliteration
DATE: 12March2011

LABEL: Self-Release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Blistering Debut From Noisy Bristolians


LINE UP: Luke – Guitar / Vocals, Adam – Bass, Vocals, Sean – Drums, Vocals


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Bristol three-piece Hello Lazarus are box-fresh from releasing the almost universally loved single ‘Ladies Love Liars,’ and hoping to win over some shiny new fans with their debut E.P, ‘All Alliteration.’

SOUNDS LIKE: For just three guys, everything on this E.P sounds absolutely enormous, and despite the relatively rough and ready production, it sounds polished enough to make listening to ‘All Alliteration’ a pretty enjoyable experience rather than a struggle to pick out the intricacies within the melting pot of noise on offer here. Some of the lyrics and melodies sound a bit off kilter at first but perseverance with this record rewards you with epic displays of dynamism, singer Luke’s voice soaring majestically around complex song structures and subtly shifting time signatures.

Some tracks are surprisingly catchy, ‘Friends, Foes and Fakes’ could be Biffy Clyro at their best and ‘Pyrite Pirates’ is an epic sprawl of a song with rolling, urgent guitars and distorted vocals that echo into a nearly soft Foals-ish breakdown. Indeed, the particular sound of Hello Lazarus is difficult to pin down, their style can alter several times in the same track, resulting in a peculiarly schizophrenic yet tight experience. They seem to know where they’re going, but not exactly how to get there, meandering around numerous influences and genres. When it all comes together the band sound triumphant, the end of final track ‘Digital Deity’ revealing a far more ambient and experimental side to their sound. If this is an indication of the direction in which they are heading, Hello Lazarus could be a great band to watch out for.

For a first E.P, ‘All Alliteration’ is an extremely accomplished collection of tracks, hinting at exciting rumbles to emerge from Bristol. The band exude potential from every pore, your breath should be held in anticipation for what’s to come from them.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re into huge noises such as those that come from Biffy Clyro, These Arms Are Snakes and The Mars Volta


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