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Herve – Ghetto Bass 2

May 10, 2010 by  

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Herve – Ghetto Bass 2

NAME: Herve
ALBUM: Ghetto Bass 2
YEAR: 2010 (May 10th)
LABEL: Cheap Thrills

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Large servings of low frequencies!


LINE UP: Various Artists

WHAT’S THE STORY?: The Arch Bishop of Electro stormed on to the scene with a string of big tunes back in 2007, in that short time Hervé has become synonymous with his trademark ‘Ghetto Bass’ sound. This release is the second compilation in the series and is pretty much the same deal, 2 CDs mixed by Hervé covering the full spectrum of killer electro and associated genres.
CD 1 bounces into action from the off, and features familiar tracks. The selection isn’t always blisteringly upfront, the Passion Pit remix by Jack Beats has been floating around for some time now, yet even the most ardent fan will likely encounter something new. The pace rarely lets up throughout yet the subtle shift in sub-genres keeps the interest level high. Mix compilations can often seem to lack the human feel you get with a recoded live mix, and even though this may be the case to some degree here, the quality of the track selection itself is enough to make up for this, including a few exclusives from the man himself.
The second CD is a lot more subdued. For those expecting two discs of air punching fidgety electro you will be disappointed. This CD is more in the Dub Step and Garage camp. For the unfamiliar it’s a pretty good introduction to the more grimey and breakbeat side of things. The pace does pick up gradually, and by the end of the CD we are way up into the 140 BPM range.
This may not be as edgy and upfront as a live mix, yet it’s an excellent introduction to this side of dance music, as well as being a strong compilation of some of the more noteworthy tracks for those already into the scene.

SOUNDS LIKE: a quality round up of all things electro, ghetto bass, dub step and garage.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: High Rankin, Jackbeats, Fake Blood, Joy Orbison etc

LINKS: Official Website // MySpace

– James Trew



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