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Hhymn – In The Depths

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Hhymn – In The Depths

NAME: Hhymn
ALBUM: In The Depths
DATE: 16May2011

LABEL: Denizen Recordings


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Hate Hymns. I Like Hhymns.

LOCATION: Nottingham, UK

LINE UP: Ed Bannard (vocals), Simon Ritchie (guitars), Mike Wynne (drums), Will Jeffrey (bass), Amy Helliwell (glockenspiel, organ, trumpet)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Nottingham based Hhymn provide the ballad of their hometown in this slow-burning debut that is both equal parts infectious and alluring. Their music embellishes a poignant subtlety, gifting a soothing antidote that spawns a beauty that can do nothing but pierce you.

The initial falsetto sweeps by Bannard on opening track ‘These Hands’, the mystical arpeggios of ‘Papertrail’, and rich textural layers of ‘On My Mind’ characterize the Hhymn sound. Interwoven with doleful roots, there arrives a mellifluous aftertaste that creates a pensive mood, an almost melancholic lust. Bannard’s heartfelt vocals coupled with Amy Helliwell’s stifled brass accompaniment augment a dull ache, driven by lyrics such as “Loneliness is your only friend, he won’t leave you here again.”

With strong comparisons to Beirut and Bon Iver, additional influences envelope their sound, with the lower register of Bannard on the opening of ‘Girl Of Mine’ echoing Morrissey, and ‘Wolves’ emulating the bare tenderness that Radiohead can craft. What can be said is that Hhymn have created a sound that is theirs. A sound that is invitingly warm yet laced with an open tenderness. A sound that is minimalistic, where a simple canvas is answered only by an overspill of rich musical textures. A sound that is to be praised, a hymn for all to enjoy.

SOUNDS LIKE: Beirut, Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, Tim Hardin

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like ice cream, super fun adventure parks, free things or the smell of your own farts (be honest, we’re all proud of our own..)


Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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