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Holy State – Holy State EP

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Holy State – Holy State EP

NAME: Holy State
EP: Holy State EP
YEAR: 2010 (July 12th)
LABEL: Dance To The Radio

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Solid as ever Punk frolics.


LINE UP: Victor Janhagen (vocals) / Robert Jarvis (guitars) / Maximillian Applin (bass) / Dan Chaudron (drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: As indie music dies on it’s arse, addicted to hairwax and snug jeans, four boys from Leeds captain the good ship post-punk into stormy yet navigable waters. What? Oh, yeah. Indie’s taking a bit of a kicking, it’s a bit fait and bloated and easy pickings for bullies. Holy State rip up that bullshit, with a sonic boom to the chops of aggressors that puts them at the forefront of modern guitar music (with various nods and winks to what’s gone before). The EP itself is short and sweet, jangled and discordant, rough but not anarchic. There is no swagger here, just determined songs that’ll put your limbs into a beautiful spasm.

SOUNDS LIKE: aforementioned nods and winks go to The Fall, Jesus Lizard, and Girls Against Boys.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: genuine and straightforward cacophonies that’ll brighten your soul for dirty, dirty reasons.

LINKS: MySpace

– Owen Williams



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