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HookahTheFuzz – HookahTheFuzz

October 7, 2010 by  

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HookahTheFuzz – HookahTheFuzz

NAME: HookahTheFuzz
ALBUM: HookahTheFuzz
DATE: 1October2010

LABEL: Independent


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Pushing boundries. All outta gum

LOCATION: Birmingham, England

LINE UP: Si Jefferies (Vocals, Rhythm), Alexander Louis (Lead Guitar), Roger Ash (Bass), Harwood Shing (Keys), Ross Hawkins (Drums)

HookahTheFuzz Artwork.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Defiant, independent, fresh-faced, British prog-metallers from sunny old Brum vow to astound and entertain with their self-titled debut album.

SOUNDS LIKE: Prog-metal. What a strange beast. The exploration and experimentation of the progressive movement married to a traditional metal chassis, with enough effect pedal to sink a battleship. It’s not often that you have pan pipes mixed with furious guitar riffs, but that’s what you get here and it’s excellent.

HookahTheFuzz have an absolute wealth of creativity to share and it’s practically bursting from every track.

Take a break down of conflicted relationship track ‘Voodoo Girl’: It begins with a delicate guitar/piano/soft vocal combo that could have slipped straight out of a Guns and Roses cover. Once lured in this hits a humorous, bitter speed-up section, allowing for a transfer into a sample of traditional metal screeching, before dialling back down into a chorus that seems to be a direct transplant from the late nineties. That’s before you include the remaining 50% of the track length.

Nothing is straight up with HTF. Everything leads into something else, something different, something that takes the tempo and shakes it by the scruff of the neck before dumping the listener into something more familiar before they become too freaked out. There are so many homages and different influences at work here they’re actually hard to count. Occasionally it suffers from the inherent cheesiness from the metal movement and sometimes the screamier elements can grate even if they’re not overused just part of the greater effect. But this is nitpicking, as album this would great, as a debut album it’s outstanding.

In conclusion it seems prog just inherently makes everything better. The End.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You want something fresh and new that pounces on a tired genre and gives it a damn good shake.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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