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Huey Lewis And The News – Soulsville

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Huey Lewis And The News – Soulsville

NAME: Huey Lewis And The News
ALBUM: Soulsville
DATE: 10October2010



FIVE WORD REVIEW: Great Scott! More Soulful Huey!

LOCATION: San Francisco

LINE UP: Huey Lewis – Vocals, harmonica, Sean Hopper – Keyboards, Vocals, Bill Gibson – Drums, Johnny Colla – Sax, Guitar, John Pierce – Bass, Stef Burns – Backing Vocals, Martin McFadden – Trumpet, Rob Sudduh – Sax, Johnnie Bamont – Sax


WHAT’S THE STORY?: If you’re unfamiliar with Huey Lewis and the News, hang your head in shame. Then run to your local cinema, watch the new remastered version of Back to the Future and bask in the sonic glory of ‘The Power of Love.’ By the end of the film you’ll be in love with that song and hankering after more..

Luckily for you these graying fellows have been going since time began so there is plenty to explore, including this latest release – a warm homage to the soulful classics of Stax Records.

SOUNDS LIKE: It is surely no coincidence that the release of ‘Soulsville’ coincides almost exactly with Back To The Future gracing UK screens again, but if you ignore this blatant marketing ploy you’ll notice that the unmistakable vocal chords of Huey Lewis are in fine, soulful form here and forget all about Marty McFly and his time-travelling escapades.

No, you won’t be finding any power-pop shenanigans here, ‘Soulsville’ does exactly what the title suggests and gives a more straightforward, occasionally melancholy sound. The band act as a cohesive, fluid background to Lewis’ voice, particularly affecting on the title track and ‘Just The One (I’ve Been Looking For).’ This collection of covers spans many decades, (minus the use of a DeLorean) but each track sounds like a new classic in its own right with great use of the backing brass section and female vocals which culminate in an upbeat, jubilant sound, particularly on the final three tracks.

Everything about this album is richly arranged, meticulously put together to sound exactly right and as soulful as humanly possible. A toasty antidote to these grim and chilly Autumn days we now find ourselves in, like a big musical bear hug. Aaahh….

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You appreciate a new spin on a classic sound.


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