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Husband – Love Song/ Slow Motion

May 11, 2011 by  

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Husband – Love Song/ Slow Motion

NAME: Husband
EP: Love Song/ Slow Motion
DATE: 16May2011

LABEL: Robot Elephants Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Electronic smoothness on tribalistic bounce.

LOCATION: Bologna, Italy

LINE UP: Gianlorenzo, Chiara


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Ever been caught unawares by a hook line or riff appearing in your head and dominating the moment; a resurgence of something you earlier heard and cannot now shift from your thoughts. Be prepared for a few more of those times with the arrival of the debut release from Bologna duo Husbands. Consisting of Gianlorenzo and Chiara, the Italians bring electronic melodies, noises, and waves of sounds wrapped around and through big tribal like beats and ballsy rhythms. Gianlorenzo having already found respect and homeland fame from his work with Buzz Aldrin and association with A Classical Education, created Husband as his music evolved bringing in Chiara, a novice herself in musical terms who is learning as she goes, and finding a warm reception and growing enthusiasm for his intriguing music.

The duo’s debut EP is released as a digital download and a limited edition 12” vinyl restricted to 200 copies and containing two original tracks and four remixes from some of the most notable mix talents around. ‘Love Song’ starts with a stinging synth buzz which is soon bombarded with big deep bouncy drum beats creating a hypnotic effect on the ears and senses. Gianlorenzo’s vocals are smooth and dream like resulting in a very soothing and perfect contrast to the bulging beats and the blend of melodic and resonating synths. Overall the sound is loosely like a fusion of 80’s band House Of Love and LCD Soundsystem but this is unfairly simplifying the quality on show. The other original song is ‘Slow Motion’ an electronic industrial type track which shows the band’s music can carry an edge too. The beats may not be as in the face as on ‘Love Song’ but the synth drone that crawls inside and will not let go is equally as effective and impossible to ignore. The twin vocals of Chiara and Gianlorenzo again work wonderfully as a contrast to the dry pulsating throbbing flow that layers the songs base. Like a musical version of sweet and sour ‘Slow Motion’ satisfies all taste buds and is probably the stronger of the two great pieces of music.

The remainder of the EP consists of first a remix of ‘Slow Motion’ by fellow Italian Wolther Goes Stranger who transforms the song into a dream like experience with the only remaining sense of industrial drone the original had being a relentless buzz like a warning to evacuate at a nuclear power plant plus a countdown clock sound near the end. The track is fine but really does not stand up against the original though it does inspire a different mental take on the sense of the track so worthy of the inclusion. The last three tracks are remixes of ‘Love Song’ which apart from the mix from Oregon based synth pop duo Soft Metals feel no more than fillers with no justice done to the original versions and the songwriting itself. Soft Metals though take the track into 80’s electronic pop territory sounding a little like Heaven 17 reeling from a dose of Dalek I Love You venom and is easily the best track after the two originals.

Husband bring to synth pop, to simplify their sound, a freshness and vibrancy that will excite and form the basis of a growing demand for their music and take on other in remixes. Their EP thrills with a drums beats inspired by tribal rhythms and smooth flowing melodic synths and vocals tempered with a monotone almost drone like quality and carefully placed random twists of noise. Fusing it all together to deliver an unique and compulsive sound Husband have and will certainly make others stand up and notice, musicians and music lovers alike.

SOUNDS LIKE: Lcd Soundsystem, House of Love

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you wish to taste the unique flavours of ballsy electronica.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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