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Impact – Strength Through Loyalty

June 17, 2011 by  

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Impact – Strength Through Loyalty

NAME: Impact
EP: Strength Through Loyalty
DATE: 20June2011



FIVE WORD REVIEW: Hardcore for the easily pleased.

LOCATION: Cambridgeshire, England

LINE UP: Ian – vocals; Mike – guitar; Crandell – guitar; Kev – bass; Rory – drums.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Hardcore is customarily a genre that rarely strays from its chosen route of viciously frenzied vocals and hard-hitting riffs, and this is particularly evidenced with this E.P from Impact.

Their sound is simply over-saturated with a higher number of breakdowns than those seen on the M1 every week. Like a comedian that places too much dependence on one joke, the band’s tracks initially leave a strong impression before stagnating after repeated listens.

At times the band’s formula works, as ‘To Those Lives Lost’ encompasses all of the aforesaid elements with raw production to assemble a creditable hardcore track.

‘Trouble Finds Me’, on the other hand, adopts an admirably intense pace that suffers from a comparatively subdued vocal performance.

When the E.P’s closer ‘The Remedy’ gets underway, the familiar sound of breakdowns is heard yet again and the track evolves into a shallow display of mediocrity.

Individually, Strength Through Loyalty’s efforts may gratify hardcore devotees; it’s just a shame that the E.P probably will not offer the inventiveness necessary to capture and protract the attention of many people.

SOUNDS LIKE: Sick Of It All, Terror, Madball.

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