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In Flames – Sounds Of A Playground Fading

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In Flames – Sounds Of A Playground Fading

NAME: In Flames
ALBUM: Sounds Of A Playground Fading
DATE: 20June2011

LABEL: Century Media Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Swedish pioneers continue to modernise.

LOCATION: Gothenburg, Sweden

LINE UP: Anders Friden – vocals; Björn Gelotte – guitar; Niclas Engelin – guitar; Peter Iwers – bass; Daniel Svensson – drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: After amassing widespread reverence among death metal aficionados, In Flames truly emerged worldwide in 2002 when ‘Trigger’ and the corresponding album ‘Reroute To Remain’ became mainstays in the Walkmen (remember them?) of metal fans worldwide. The record was maligned in some quarters due to its reliance on melodic stylings and those same critics will be disappointed here, as Sounds Of A Playground Fading continues the same accessible approach.

The album’s title track starts with quaint guitar work, before transforming into a palatable slice of modern metal. It’s not bone-crushingly heavy, nor is it an example of Avenged Sevenfold faux pop, but it will get heads nodding and fists pumping.

‘Enter Tragedy’ repeats the same structure and, in truth, this formula is replicated in many of the record’s tracks, which will please fans of Five Finger Death Punch while disappointing those yearning for another ‘Moonshield’.

‘Darker Times’ and ‘A New Dawn’ see In Flames up the tempo considerably, marking a slight nod to their heavier past. Once the latter track closes, the turgid ‘Liberation’ then threatens to induce listeners into a coma with the kind of crooning that even Axl Rose would disapprove of.

In the current musical climate, Sounds Of A Playground Fading could leave a lasting commercial impact. But, even so, it is unlikely to halt the crowd’s requests for material from The Jester Race when they perform at Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth next month.

SOUNDS LIKE: Well-executed contemporary metal that may fail to inspire purists.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Five Finger Death Punch, Still Remains, Darkest Hour.


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