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Innerpartysystem – American Trash

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Innerpartysystem – American Trash

NAME: Innerpartysystem
SINGLE: American Trash
DATE: 7February2011

LABEL: Red Bull Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Obnoxious noise; painfully politically-charged.


LINE UP: Patrick Nissley, Jared Piccone, Kris Barman

Innerpartysystem - American Trash.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: A couple of years ago, Innerpartysystem really tried to break the UK with ‘Heart of Fire’, a single-cum-EP that, to be blunt, was pretty shocking. Its unique blend of painful dance and unlovable lyrics really didn’t make it endearing.

Oh, how things haven’t changed. This grating release is surprising because it’s a taster for things to come from Red Bull Records, who Innerpartysystem have just signed a deal with. You know, the same Red Bull that’s on the forefront of edgy sports and culture.

The label won’t have as much luck with this as they did in the F1 last season, though. Put it this way… ask yourself: “How many songs have I heard about the US being terrible, but in a sarcastic tone, in the last few years?” The bankable answer: too many.

The Dead Kennedys were brilliant at it in the 1980s, and way cleverer in their approach. Rammstein made an ostentatious bid to wreck the capitalist ideals of the country with ‘Amerika’ a few years ago. Hell, the excellent LCD Soundsystem produced the gleeful yet trashy ‘North American Scum’ on the nigh-on perfect Sound of Silver. This, however? Terrible.

Want some insight into the US from ‘American Trash’ that you’ve never heard before? Here are the core lyrics: “I’ve got this planet in my hands / I’ll try to save it if I can / I’m satisfied with myself, don’t care for anyone else, I’m so united when I stand. // I get my facts from TV / Believe in everything I read / It’s such an ignorant bliss / When the whole fucking world wants to be like me.”

It makes you annoyed just to read it, but hear it? Try sandwiching that with a loud, oppressive and thoroughly unpleasant nightclub-style distorted synth and a smug singing style and it makes it one of the most objectionable singles this year.

Funnily enough, the synth was the one thing that saved it at first. After your initial playthrough of the tune, it’s enough. Replay value? Zero. Save your money as well as your ears.

SOUNDS LIKE: That self-created sequence when you wake up and create a potted five-minute soundtrack to a collage of why the previous evening was the final time you’ll drink too much on a night out.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like to punish yourself, especially if you like a haemorrhage-inducing synth.


Submitted By Matt Gardner



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