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J Mascis – Not Enough

March 4, 2011 by  

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J Mascis – Not Enough

NAME: J Mascis
SINGLE: Not Enough
DATE: 28February2011

LABEL: Sub Pop


FIVE WORD REVIEW: A shockingly inoffensive acoustic effort.

LOCATION: Massachusetts, US

LINE UP: J Mascis (guitar, vocals)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: After listening to this refined acoustic track, it’s almost unfathomable to believe that J Mascis is the singer of alternative rock heavyweights Dinosaur Jnr, as ‘Not Enough’ is serene music that is perfectly suited to idle summer afternoons.

While the track will certainly appeal to mainstream audiences, it lacks the discernible humility required to captivate more perceptive listeners. The song’s charming nature means that ‘Not Enough’ is unlikely to suffer derision from the masses, though it will hardly inspire them either.

SOUNDS LIKE: “Nice” music that doesn’t offer any noticeable passion or vigour, but is sure to make pensioners smile.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Sitting in a deckchair and eating Callippos is an activity you could prolong for the rest of time.

LINK: http://www.jmascis.com

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