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Johnny Get The Gun – Johnny Get The Gun

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Johnny Get The Gun – Johnny Get The Gun

NAME: Johnny Get The Gun
ALBUM: Johnny Get The Gun
DATE: 23August2010

LABEL: n/a


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Fall Out Boy in Essex?

LOCATION: Essex / London

LINE UP: Wayne – Vocals, Jack – Guitar, Joe – Bass, Jamie – Drums

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Johnny Get the Gun hail from the unfortunately named Grays in Essex. Not the most cheerful of places, and sadly there is little to be cheerful about here. Clearly aimed at grabbing the last few sensitive hearts clinging desperately on to the ailing emo bandwagon, the influence of mainstream successes Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance is glaringly obvious. The guitars chug faithfully along, Wayne Lightowler’s vocals come straight from the heart, and even the obligatory ‘quiet-loud’ formula bravely shows its face on a few tracks. However the imagination and lyrical wit that set their US predecessors apart from the pop-punk quagmire is lacking here.

This is not to say they can’t pull off a catchy hook – opener ‘You Will Be Mine’ is an instant success and overcomes its somewhat dodgy lyrics with a killer chorus and rousing sing-along ending. A great track, miles better than the majority of what is on offer here (with the exception of emotive closer ‘This Night To End.’) This is a shame; if they’d shaved down this ‘mini-album’ by a few dud tracks the whole package would seem infinitely more appealing.

Johnny Get The Gun clearly have a lot of songwriting promise, but if this self titled-effort is anything to go by they may be destined to languish in emo obscurity for a little longer.

SOUNDS LIKE: Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six, Green Day

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: If you are 15, with one eye obscured by an immaculately ‘messed up’ fringe you will devour this like the angsty little monster you are.


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